Why Is Ballet The Foundation Of Dance?

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Ballet lays the foundation essentially needed in a good dancer. It is arguably the most graceful form of dance, requiring one to master balance and posture with great precision. From young, a good ballet dancer will grow to pay close attention to the tiniest details in order to execute the perfect twirl that would go perfectly with the classical music. With ballet, it becomes much easier for one to achieve precise lines required in jazz and similarly slow contemporary dance movements. This is why ballet is fundamental for all styles of dance as it supplements the basics. When you sign your child up for a ballet school in Singapore, you will soon marvel at how gracefully your child walks, at the poised posture she will gradually maintain.

Beyond flexibility, ballet serves one well outside the realm of dance, teaching many things both mentally and physically. Here are five things she will get to learn through ballet as she grows up that will eventually reflect in her studies as well:

  • A young dancer knows what it is like to be determined to excel in something, and she is willing to do so. For ballet, it is never an easy task in the beginning. You might hear her saying that she cannot seem to point her toes all the way, or she is bad at doing a split. Encouraging your child along the way will support her, but it ultimately begins with her perseverance to improve.
  • She is precise and attentive to details. In ballet, she learns from young to pay attention of the way she dances and figure out where she can do better at. She eventually applies that in her daily life as well. This is a good habit to already have when she studies subjects such as Math and English. These subjects require her to proofread, to look out for mistakes that could cost her marks.
  • Teamwork is extremely important when one is involved in dance. Every person is inherently valuable in a dance ensemble, and your child will understand that as she works with different people. There will always be a need to be in sync, to match each other’s steps. She learns that beyond herself, there will be times where she has to teach her peers or get taught by someone for the group to move forward.
  • She will have more confidence in herself. This comes from having performed solo or in a group in front of an audience. Hearing applause and cheers after a performance can positively boost your child’s self-esteem and in turn, makes her want to do even better.
  • It may start off as an interest in ballet but as your child continues, it becomes a passion for her. This translates in many areas in her life, being more passionate and positive in the things she does.

Your child will learn so much more than dance steps when she learns ballet. This passion that she has can transfer to other styles of dance she might want to try. Even if your child intends to explore other types of dances, it is always a good idea to stay enrolled in ballet as she will continue having that backbone of dance techniques with her.

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