Top 10 Pop Dance Classes in Singapore

We’ve all dreamt of grooving to the beats of our favorite pop music tracks. Some would also like to perform their moves for a cheering audience. Alas! Most do not possess the skills required to pull off even a mildly complicated pop move with finesse. 

But that does not mean pop dance is difficult. In fact, with the help of a few classes and a good dance teacher, one can hope to become a pro dancer of the pop art form in no time. Needless to say, the very first step you need to take to become a pro dancer is finding a reputable pop dance class. Looking for reliable pop dance classes in a country like Singapore can be difficult, but not impossible.

So in order to appease dance enthusiast all over Singapore, we would like to dedicate this article to recommending the top 10 pop dance classes in Singapore. 

Top 10 Pop Dance Classes in Singapore

1 – Dancepointe Academy

The highly revered institution of Dancepointe academy has been providing premiere dance classes in a variety of genres to dance aspirants across Singapore since 2005. The institution harbors 16 state-of-the-art dance studios in several key areas of Singapore. These classes are headed by expert pop dance tutors with the help of the best resources to provide students with a competent and enjoyable learning experience. Apart from pop, Dancepointe also offers Jazz, Ballet, KPop and Hip Hop dance classes.

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2 – O School

O School is one of Singapore’s finest dance institutions. It offers dance classes like KPop, Jazz and Contemporary along with pop. Their expertly crafted dance courses are more focused on skills development, choreography, fitness development and interactions. These courses are classified into various categories to cater to different dancers at different skill levels. 

3 – Step Studio

Step Studio offers dance classes in a number of dance genres like Old School Hip Hop, contemporary and pop. The classes are designed to cater to all types of dancers, from beginners to experienced dancers alike. Furthermore, Step Studio possesses a very comfortable and spacious dance studio to offers their dance lessons. 

4 – Converge Studios

Converge Studios holds over 50 dance classes in a week, which are all spearheaded by professional tutors. Located in Central Business District, the studio offers pop, jazz, urban fusion and many other prominent dance classes. 

5 – Recognize! Studios

This dance studio invites dancers of varying tastes and skill levels under one roof. You can not only learn pop across various levels, but also master other dance styles like Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary among many others. Courses are designed to impart choreography in a progressive manner. 

6 – Danz People

Home to United Groovers and Mini Groovers, Danz People is a very popular dance studio in Singapore. It offers a wide range of dance classes apart from providing a well-crafted pop dance program to both amateur and seasoned dancers. Genres like Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop are some of the other prominent dance classes offered by this fine establishment.

7 – EV Dance

EV Dance combines adrenaline pumping cardio exercises with various dance elements to provide a high-octane dance class to students who don’t mind a rigorous workout session with their dance class. It offers classes on Kickboxing, Hip Hop, Pilates and more to the beats of favorite Kpop tracks. 

8 – DF Academy

With over 1000 students and counting, DF Academy offers one of the best pop dance classes in Singapore. They have multiple studios spread across Singapore to satisfy dance aspirants from all over the country. They also harbor some of the best teachers in Singapore that give students the attention they need to polish their pop moves. 

9 – Dance Channel Singapore

Dance Channel Singapore has been offering great pop dance classes in Singapore for over a decade now. Located at Burlington Square, they offer Hip Hop, Jazz, and Bollywood Dance spearheaded by the best dance instructors in the country.

10 – Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts

No list counting the Top 10 dance classes in Singapore can be complete without mentioning this gem of a dance institution. One of the oldest in Singapore, Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts specializes in pop dance classes, while also offering well-devised programs in a variety of other dance styles and genres.

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