Thank you Mariska Teacher, for keeping my girl on her toes!!! ?
You’re the one and only heartfelt ballet dance teacher, my girl fond so much from your teaching. May you have blessed merry Teacher Day :))

Adelynn Kwek

Miss Toh is a very nice teacher, my daughter Jiayi loves her very much. I think Miss Toh is a very good teacher, she is strict, self-confident and show authority in the class, but at the same time she is also very patient and helpful like a friend to the kids and parent who we can always talk to if any questions.

Ally Liu

Ms. Kok is a friendly teacher. We usually bump each other in the bus, she smiles & says ‘hi’ to us. Sometimes we also have short chit chat. She teaches the little girls patiently. It makes them enjoy their ballet class. Happy teacher’s day!

Andree Afandy Sanjaya

Thank you Ms Ong for your dedicated and patience in teaching my child for the creative dance for tots. My daughter enjoyed the class very much and able to show me what she has learnt in class. She has praises for her teacher too always rewarding them with stickers for their good effort in class. Lastly we wish Ms Ong a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

Ang Karen

Ms Lum is well known as organised teacher, she is coaching the students to be a better character dancer and not only a dancer with better technical skill only!

She is a passionate teacher, whom would always want her students to improve and learn from every opportunity and she assists to open this ‘learning door’ to her student. She gives fair opportunity to all willing to learn students!

Angie Goh

Ms Foo always teaches with her lovely heart and concern for her student’s behavior in addition to the technical skills. She shows her concern to her student’s learning attitude and always encourage them to excel their potential gradually. Keep improving with higher demand/ expectation by age and grade.

I sincerely appreciate and thanks her to coach my child.

Angie Goh

Thank you (Ms Lum) for your dedication and strong emphasis on discipline.  My daughter Meredith has became more disciplined and her passion for dancing grows with each day!

Catherine Tiong Jie yun

I like that Ms Toh is strict yet relatable to the kids. She made the classes fun and that’s why my girl is forever looking forward to her Saturdays. DP is more friendly than another my girl trialed at. Easily accessible, flexible & good communication with parents. Thanks Ms Toh & DP!

Cheah Pei San

She (Ms Boh) is a kind, patient and friendly teacher. My daughter is thrilled when she was rewarded with stickers for her good efforts. She is feeling encouraged and motivated to do better. Now, she loves ballet even more than ever.

Chen Yee Ye

Ms. Stacey a very Dedicated, Strict, Determined in her way of teaching. And yet she is caring and always showed her concern on her … progress.  Ms. Stacey definitely deserved a special recognition on this special day.???

Choi Chin Chin

You are a fantastic dance teacher(Ms Stacey). Strict, but fun.
Thank you for teaching my girl discipline, expecting her to be well-groomed and well behaved. Thank you for always trying to get the best out of her. And thank you for managing to be kind while doing so.

Chong Sook Yee

Since Gemma joined the junior apprentice programme this year, she has learnt the many attributes of a dancer ranging from commitment, resilience to self-discipline from Ms Dianny. Ms Dianny is a good role model, sets high expectations of her students and shows great commitment to help her students achieve their goals. I would like to thank Ms Dianny for spending so much time coaching the girls, even during public holidays! Gemma has grown so much as a dancer under her care. Thank you for making Gemma love dancing.

Cindy Chan

Ms Toh watched Gemma grow over the years. A very nurturing and caring teacher, she believes in Gemma’s potential and encourages her to try harder to achieve greater heights. Under her guidance, Gemma has blossomed to be a confident and aspiring young ballerina.

Cindy Chan

Dear Miss Boh-have a wonderful teacher’s day!Natalie enjoys your class tremendously & I love it when you emphasize discipline in yr class! To get ready for yr class, she is willing to be toilet  trained and dresses on her own! Though its too early to say,we hope she can progress to the next level!

Cindy Sum

I would like to thank Ms Ivy Ng for your constant encouragement towards my gal during the past 4 years. Thank you for sculpturing her confidence.  I am glad that we did not stop ballet 2 years back as I can see the self confidence gained in her for the past 2 years.  Dancepointe is not just a place to learn dance but also aids in nurturing  and instilling self confidence and good characters through dance.  Thank you Ms Ng!

Cynthia Teo

Dancepointe has a comfortable environment and Ms Kok is an excellent teacher! She engages well with the kids. Aleesya used to be shy and cry when she goes for class but now she always looks forward to ballet class and talks about it all the time! Thank you DP for bringing out the confidence in Aleesya!

Ezza Emalina

My daughter’s dance teacher is Ms Stacey. At the start of every lesson, she always welcomes the kids with a big bright smile assuring them that they will have a great time at her lesson. This builds a great tempo for the dance lesson. I think she is genuinely passionate in teaching the kids to dance and hence shows such enjoyment in handling the kids. It is not easy to find such teacher around, especially when the kids are getting more active these days.

Under her guidance, my daughter has grown more discipline and confident. She dances better with better synchronization between the movement and the music.

I are really glad that our daughter has Ms Stacy as her dance teacher.

What I like about DP is that there is stage progression in  the dance course. This is important as the kids will be motivated. I think the staff is also helpful. Some months ago, they called me up to help me relocate class schedule to facilitate my shifting of house. Eventually, we didn’t quit the school.

There was also an occasion where I was late to pick up my daughter and she went off out of the school herself. After the incident, I find the respective staff and teacher have rectified the issue quickly by dismissing the students with more caution on the subsequent lessons.

Foo Siew Chuen

Even though she (Ms Boh) just took over Ms Tay for my girl’s class, I would like to show my appreciation to her. My girl needs a teacher who show passion and love for dance. The most important thing but most people overlook is the overall dressing when in class. She insist all kids must tie up hair which is good to instill discipline in the kids. And also my girl likes her and enjoy her class.

Ho Huey Fang

(Ms)Aisling is dedicated and supports the growth of her students. Laeticia enjoyed her classes very much!


Shannon looks forward to ballet each week. She has grown in confidence since she started lessons in January. Seeing her enthusiasm and smile as she gets ready for class makes my day. Shannon says: “I love ballet because it’s fun. I love my teacher (Ms Lyn) and friends.”

Jane Ng

When I first joined Dancepointe, i was excited yet scared. But Your (Ms Boh) beautiful smile is there to make me feel relaxed. You have your own way of teaching young minds.

You put smiles on our faces,
With class and grace.
Thanks a lot for teaching me!

Joanne Loke

Ms. Lum is a wonderful model to my child. She is truly inspiring to all wannabe ballerinas. Ms. Lum’s patience to all her pupils is admirable. She loves all her girls like her own and her girls love her back. Indeed a priceless relationship between a teacher and her pupil.

Joyce Koh

I knew I have found the right dance teacher for my daughter when I see how eager she wants to go for her ballet class every week! A good teacher is very important and I’m glad I’ve found one who is able to motivate my daughter positively! Thank you, Ms Kok!

June Soh Zhi Jia

The teacher (Ms Ong) is kind and patient. The devotion and dedication for her job makes her such a wonderful teacher to learn ballet from. Thanks DP for the convenience as it is within our vicinity.

Kang Lizhen

Thank you teacher Ms Ong Yan Ping to support my girl’s passion of learning ballet. My girl missed the class every time and especially,during long holidays, she kept asking me when she can go for the class again. I really can see that she love you, pretty ballet teacher!!!

Kanokvan Changkluangkul

Rishika has never attended any enrichment class. Through this, she has many friends. Her teacher Ms Dianny has taught her how to be graceful n ladylike. Children see adults as role model. In future, I hope to see Rishika dance with passion n teach little children just like Ms Dianny.

Khasturi G

Ms. Kok is a loveable teacher. She makes my daughter enjoying ballet lesson so much. She teaches ballet with passion. My daughter told me that Ms. Kok is her inspiration. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Lidya Limantara

We would like to thank Tr. Mariska and DP for making dancing so enjoyable and fun. The lessons never fail to bring smiles to my child and of course to parents, to see how the kids enjoy the dancing and the bond build all these years! Keep it up DP!

Lim Lee Huei

Le’anne is a shy girl who takes a longer time to warm up to new environment. However, under the guidance of Ms Lum, Le’anne (a transferred student) not only has assimilated quickly into her new class, she has also shown improvement in her dance techniques. Even though Ms Lum is strict towards towards her students and has high expectations of them, she loves them and truly cares for them.

Loh Chiu Theng Charmane

My girl joined DP in 2011. We left last yr due to timetable and back again. DP is definitely different from other dance school! Simply love how management groom the dancers, the passion and love from teachers! My girl loves dancing and performing! Thanks DP!

May Gan

Teacher Dianny is inside out beautiful. She is very patient & sweet upon her pupils. She always encourages her students. My daughter loves her so much & always so happy to attend her class. We thank both teacher & DP for the wonderful & enjoyable lessons.

May Thwin Zaw

Thank you for being my little girl’s teacher(Ms Stacey)! I am feeling blessed to see my girl’s excitement of every week to go to her Ballet class. And she really enjoys what she is doing. Thank you again for your patience, kindness, guidance and encouragement. Happy Teachers’ Day

Myat Su Mon

I like about my child’s teacher(Ms Mariska) is that she specify the steps about that particular exercise and move like how pointy must the toes should be

Ng Shiyun

I was caught off guard in dilemma when Anna my 11yr old tells me that she’s interested in ballet. Late starter? looking way ‘off’ in terms of built and skills in a grade 1? We are so impressed to find a Ms Ong that was ever so welcoming & encouraging even right from the trial class. ‘Its ok that she is not ready for exams but if u like to, I can give her extra lessons,’ surprises us.  Anna is inspired to stay on. Thanks DP Ms Ong in giving her a chance!  🙂

Ng Wan Sin

Ms Yeo has been very engaging and being able to relate with the children at their level. She was also able to step up and be strict with the required standards.  My daughter enjoys the class.

Ong Kim Lan

Ms Lum is a dedicated ballet teacher, whom is both strict and meticulous in educating her ballet girls not only in their dancing skills but also in their character development thus providing a holistic dance education for all her students. At the same time, she also show care and concern for her students well being.

Ong Yiying

Talented teacher that motivates the kids to fall in love with all the graceful movement. Thank you Ms Lyn and the school to make dancing such an enjoyable way by adding creativity and able to stimulate imagination for the kids. These motivate my child wanting to go every dance classes.

Pearline Cher

A passionate teacher is all it takes to inspire the students and Ms Ivy Ng is definitely a dedicated teacher that always challenge her students to overcome their limits and perfect every single dance move .

Poh Bee Tin

A beautiful place cum experienced teacher (Ms Lyn) who can handle and nurture dance in an interesting way. My daughter Ananya loves to go for her class with full enthusiasm. Just love it!


Ms. Dianny is so kind and dedicated. I wonder of my child’s improvement, which is quite fast. The teacher teaches the way which makes the children attracted and interested to love and learn dance. Her appreciation to the child worth a lot. The dance class is once a week only, but I can see my kid doing the dance movements every day, which shows her interest. Credit goes to MS. DIANNY. Thank you Ms. Dianny. To be in short “Teachers are the best role models”.

Rajendran Indira Kumari

Ms Mariska had been a gentle and kind ballet teacher since first started at age 4 till now at 10 yrs old. It is because of her that even though the school had been change from Anchorvale CC to Seletar Hill, we still stick with the school because of Ms Mariaka as she is really a very good ballet teacher. Taking this opportunity to say “Thank You very much!” to her! Really appreciate her great effort, patience and gentleness as a great ballet teacher. Once again, thank you very much!

Raymond Quek

Miss Mariska is a patience, caring and demure ballet teacher. She is very responsible too and have gained respect and lots of love from Jody and her students. You are a wonderful teacher, we are fortunate to have found you. Keep up the good work, Miss Mariska!! Happy Teachers’ Day to you!!

Regina Ng

Ever since I moved house, my parents thought that I should changed to a dance school that is near my neighborhood.  I immediately disagreed when I heard their ideas. I am already used to Ms Lum’s voices, sometimes even praises.  Her voice will always ring in my ears.

Rita Tech

I like the way how teacher lyn teach her students and how she catches their attention so all her students will be more interested in their activities…she’s fun and energetic when it comes to how she teach her students…i’m so confident that my child will learn more from her and be like her someday…and for the school i’m so grateful that my daughter is now a part of DP.. They always reminding us if they have classes or not which is very helpful for me…they provide these kind of activities so children will be more active and independent.. Happy teacher’s Day…God bless and more blessings and success to DP…

Rose Anne Cristobal

Ms.Mariska is my daughter’s teacher in ballet for almost 6 years. She is my daughter’s role model as my daughter also dream of becoming a ballet teacher someday. Ms.Mariska loves children and the student loves her too. Children enjoy going to her class all the time. Ms.Mariska makes ballet fun without compromising the syllabus for their class level.
Happy Teacher’s Day Ms.Mariska!

Salanatin Minnie Rose

Dearest Ms Boh,  You are a graceful and Versatile dancer, your Enthusiasm and Rigorous coaching as well as your Outgoing and Nice personality, truly Ignites my passion for dancing. Caring and Affectionate, you help inspire all of us to work hard to become Beautiful and Outstanding ballerinas who dances with Heavenly grace …Happy Teacher’s Day !

Serene Ching Sio Hong

Mrs Lum is a very friendly teacher. She has advice us and update us on details of our daughters progressing in person. On top if that, my daughter likes her and enjoy her ballet class even though she is strict. Hahaha… well done, Ms Lum! Happy Teacher’s Day too!

Serene Lee

Ms Kok Hui Shi is always so passionate at developing her students in dance movements and exposing them to different dance genre. My little one enjoys her jazz dance routine in class and have gain confidence to earn herself a silver award for CSTD Summer School, 2015. Thank you teacher!!

Serene Poh

Dearest Ms Mariska thank you so much for teaching me Ballet. I love ballet and you. You are a very patient person.

I like the new idea of writing gratitude letters to our teachers. Thank you Ms Lena Foo, yours thoughts give birth to this wonderful dance school.

Sng Shu Fen

Ms. Dianny has been patient towards the children, and her enthusiasm and innovative teaching technique created dancing interest in my child. My child greatly enjoy her classes, and always look forward for her next dancing class

Tan Fangshi

Being an apprentice teacher (Ms Lum) is very stressful and tough. Thank you so much for the guidance and dedication to our child. Bonding with the children were great and we the parents also appreciate that you kept us informed and  prepared for each competition.

Tan Wei Ling

To My Dearest Teachers:Crystal Lum, Joanne Tay & Ong Yan Ping

Teachers are like the candles, which consume themselves to brighten the lives of children. May you continue to shine among the rest. Thank you for years of patient and tender loving care. I Love You & God Bless You.

Tiffany Tan

Ms Boh has very strong passion and enthusiasm in teaching ballet class. She make my girl enjoying the ballets class very much. Thank you!

Toh Pei Ling

Miss Angela is a teacher with great passion in dance. Her lesson is always filled with energy and fun. She has created a conducive environment for the pupils to learn. She is always ready to give an extra mile when Delynn approaches her for advice in dance.

Valerie Tan

Miss Lum is a dedicated and firm teacher who is able to stretch the potential of her pupils to the fullest. She takes ownership of all her pupils. She tirelessly works on Delynn weakness for improvement. She also takes the effort to work closely with the parents.

Valerie Tan

Ms Ivy is a good teacher who teach technique, choreography and able to pass along the love of dance. She likes children and know how to handle a young kids.We believe Technique and choreography are important, but create a motivation and love to dance who hold both together is the toughest part. Ganbatte for all dance teachers, especially to our lovely Ms. Ivy Ng.

Vera Oktovia

You(Ms Mariska) see my daughter as she is, you never doubt with her, you are teaching her to believe in herself and never give up, Thanks to be a great teacher for my daughter for this 4 years and it’s still counting..

Vera Oktovia

Charis recently lost her school teacher from brain dead, We regret not having to say a thank you ! As such We like to thank Ms Boh for her meticulous teaching, always ensuring her students are properly groomed before lesson and her warmly hug after session that puts her place in Charis heart. We all love Ms Boh.

Victor Tan Wei Teck

Dancepointe Academy of Dance is a place where people learn how to win, lose, and how to express themselves through the art of dance. It is a place for friendship where, with the encouragement of others, dancers will experience joy and disappointment,nervousness and the irreplaceable feeling of performance – –


Dear Ms Kok, thank you for taking care of my girls both in and out of the studio. I have seen the effort you put into every lesson, and how much you push yourself to push your students to achieve the best that they are capable of, for a better dpa.

Woo Yoon Guan

Miss Boh is a understanding and great teacher, i always comes home really happily after dance class, miss boh is inspiring and fun, miss boh incorporates her great dance skills with a certain amount of fun and we (her students) always enjoys her lessons. (:  ?

Yap chee hwee , Allan

Thank you (Ms Foo) for being inspiring, caring, supportive and patient. The  pat on the shoulder and words of encouragement had made my child a much stronger and determined dancer. Despite your busy schedule, we appreciated that you engage parents and worked together to give the best dance education to the children.

Yong Loong Hin

Miss Kok is a very loving and very dedicated teacher. Children sometimes repeatedly, Miss Kok very patient reason with her and hug her! She carefully patience teacher children every movement, the whole class is to infection in children with her smile.Thank you very much! Happy teacher’s Day!

Zhong Liuhua