In 2016, at the age of 19, Xenres started his dance journey. He was introduced to Contemporary Dance when he received training at Danz People, Singapore. He then auditioned and enrolled in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in July 2016, and it was there that he received tutelage from his mentors and lecturers.

Xenres performed while in NAFA, both in NAFA’s own productions, as well as in those by Singapore’s dance companies. Some of the major performances have included one involving a collaboration between NAFA and At-Sunrice Chef Academy in December 2016, NAFA’s Diploma in Dance Annual showcase “Crossings” in 2017, NAFA’s 80th Anniversary SEED Opening Ceremony, and NAFA 80th Anniversary “Crossings” 2018 Showcase. Many of Xenres’s works have been chosen by the school for featuring in such platforms as Dancers@Work, Phenomenon One, Intensify II, NAFA Scholarship Tea Session and the NAFA Open House Showcase.

A recipient of Jeffrey Dance Academy’s Full Scholarship under the Young Artiste Programme, Xenres took part in JDA’s ballet production, “Peter Pan”, in 2017 and also in their second production, “Alice in Wonderland” in 2018 . Xenres competed in the first Contemporary Dance competition organised by The Flux Collective as top prize winner “Judge’s Choice” with his own choreography in 2018. Xenres was also invited as a guest artist to perform for International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore IBGPS 2019 with an original work.

With his working partner in 2020, Xenres managed his own production in an independent artist project titled “Project Up Side Right” which was partially funded by National Arts Council. Presently, Xenres is the Creative Lead for Kirishima Dance Corps. 霧嶋舞踊隊 , alongside an independent group of professional dancers. This group seeks to bridge Eastern and Western arts, and to utilise art to spread awareness of mental health disorder. The members freelance and reach out to the dance community nationally and internationally.

Xenres was commissioned to choreograph for several events such as NAFA Dance Science, M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival 2020 and 2021 and SCAPE/CANVAS 2021. Xenres focuses on devising an inter-culture style of contemporary dance that is heavily inspired by the philosophies of Taichi, Aikido and Capoeira, and is developing his own movement vocabulary and technique titled “Water Breath Technique”.