2nd Choreographer; Republic Polytechnic Hip Hop Interest Group


Taufiq, more affectionately known as ET, started dancing in 2008.
Following his education path, Taufiq joined Republic Polytechnic’s Hip Hop Interest Group, Style Groovaz Crew, in 2013. Soon after graduating, he started to compete in both showcase competitions and battles.

In his time in Republic Polytechnic, he was mentored under Mr. Zaini Tahir, the Artistic Director of Republic Polytechnic, Institute of Technical Education and NUS Dance Ensemble. With the mentorship, he was given countless opportunities to choreograph routines and learn more about choreographing. This was when he was exposed to contemporary dance. Soon after that, he entered D3 Contemporary Dance in late 2017 to further pursue his love for dance.

Currently, he is directing both the Street and Contemporary faction of DROPOUTS.