Ms Phoebe Chen

Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate

  • Ballet (RAD Syllabus)
  • Pre - School Ballet


Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate

ATOD Jazz Gold Star


Miss Phoebe Chen started dancing ballet under Miss Lena Foo at the age of seven and completed her RAD examinations up to the Intermediate Vocational Examinations for Classical Ballet. With the support and encouragement of Miss Lena Foo, she expanded on to take up ATOD Jazz and has completed up to the Gold Star level.
Under Dancepointe, she had the opportunity to learn from overseas dance companies through the school’s exchange programmes to London and Hong Kong, and have had seen achievements in competitions such as 2013’s Perth CSTD troupe that clinched 1st place, Singapore CSTD troupe open in 3rd place and Hong Kong CSTD in 2014 with a bronze medal in both solo and duo open categories.
As she was completing her diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology, she learnt to make drama lesson plans and workshops and carried them out for youths as part of her. In her course of studying in Singapore Polytechnic, she joined the institute’s dance club, Strictly Dance Zone (SDZ), that on top of event performances, also holds annual productions titled “Waves”, the most recent one being at the Esplanade. Since then, she has seized performing and choreographing opportunities under the club to help her grow and learn as a modern and contemporary dancer.
Now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Management at LASALLE to understand the field better, she is still active in practising her craft and undergoing trainingĀ for upcoming works.