Freddy Yohaki

Senior Choreographer; NAFA; Broadway Dance Centre New York


Freddy discovered his passion for dancing at the age of 17. From a dancer on the streets as a BBoy, he went on to Noa Dance Academy (Japan), Dance Soul Studio (Taiwan), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Broadway Dance Centre (New York City), to pursue his passion in dance.

Full-time background dancer for renowned Asian Singers/Bands such as Jay Chou, JJ Lin Jun Jie, Show Luo Zhi Xiang, Sweety, SHINee, Super Junior, 2AM, 2PM, Big Bang.

Having taught over 12 years in Dance studios and MOE schools, he has gained vast teaching experiences and great satisfaction in grooming young dancers. He believes in continuous self-improvement, imparting not just great technique but instilling passion in dance.