Christina graduated summa cum laude with a B.F.A. in Dance from The Boston Conservatory in May 2010 and was awarded the prestigious Arthur B. Whitney Medal for highest scholastic achievement. She had previously trained at the Singapore Ballet Academy and the New Zealand School of Dance. She has worked with artists including Noa Zuk, Stephanie Lake, Sita Ostheimer, Byron Perry, Liu Yen Cheng, Matej Kejzar, Stephanie Batten Bland, Shahar Binyamini, Wallie Wolfgruber, Gabrielle Nankivell and more. She is currently also a dancer for a full-length Duet Replica created by Stephanie Lake and Chasm by Sita Ostheimer, Lewis Major Projects and Victor Fung Dance.

From 2012-2016 she was a full-time artist and the rehearsal director with Frontier Danceland. Her choreographic works at Frontier include Coming Soon, Between, Fatroom, Bufo Alvarius and Little momentous. Christina has also created 4 repertory works for Singapore Dance Theatre. These include Waiting, Shift or Go, Traces we left Behind and most recently Unfound. Her work has been performed locally and abroad in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Israel, Cambodia, Shanghai and at invitation from CCNT Tours in France.

Christina also has a collective with Aymeric Bichon, recently traveling to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Korea and Africa for work. They have co-created several works including Midlight, Flux of Time, Stroboscope, Life On and the full-length works Iris with Aymeric. An Excerpt of Flux of time was performed in Israel at “Batsheva Hosts”. Iris is a full length work that premiered at Dans Festival 2016. Their latest work “Of Fish Dreaming” was completed in 2018 and performed in Paris in 2019.

Featured as “upcoming dance artist of the year to watch” in 2012 by local newspaper Lianhe Zaobao and in Prestige magazine’s “nation’s brightest 40 under 40, 2013”, Christina was also a National Arts Council Scholarship recipient from 2005-2010 and a recipient of the Julie Ince Thompson Scholarship as well as a Merit Scholarship from The Boston Conservatory. She was the winner of local national choreographic competition Sprouts 2011 and “Best Dancer” in Sprouts 2012. Christina was also the Honoree in the 2015 JCI TOYP outstanding Young Persons Award in the category of cultural achievement.