Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies

Inspired Dancers and Dance Teachers

Inspired to become a certified Dancer or Dance Teacher in the following disciplines? Discuss with us, Dancepointe wants to be part of your vision! One of our goals is to develop dancers and junior teachers to gain relevant qualifications to further their dance or teaching careers in the various dance fields.

Dance / Teaching qualifications to pursue for:

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD UK) Advanced 1 and 2 Certification as prerequisites to Overseas Dance Companies
  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD UK) Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS)
  • Australia Teachers Of Dancing International(ATOD) Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop Teaching Certification.
  • Commonwealth Society of Teachers Dancing (CSTD Australia) Ballet Teaching Certification

Royal Academy of Dance - Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS)

CBTS is designed to encourage the growth of your professional skills and employment potential as a freelance Ballet teacher. It brings you from the simple beginnings, through reflection and evaluation until reaching the finished product. Through a series of tools and study tasks, CBTS encourages you to investigate the notion of the RAD as a global academy and the infrastructure in which ballet operates. It encourages you to look beyond the studio to gain an understanding of how you as a freelance dance teacher fit into the wider dance industry and evolving ballet ecology.

Dancepointe Academy provides personal mentoring and customised training programme to assist you attain this international recognised certification. At year 2 of the CBTS, you are required to have a Practical Attachment to a dance school, together with a mentorship, for 30 weeks.

We welcome you to write to us for this CBTS attachmentand mentorship in Dancepointe Academy. Dancepointe is most willing to be part of your learning!

Dancepointe Teaching Scholarship

Yearly, Dancepointe Academy opens up Teaching Scholarships for the RAD Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS), where the trainee teacher significantly benefits from the financial assistance in this programme as well as the sponsored tuition hours by our dance director. This scholarship also includes the Practical Attachment with Dancepointe Academy.

For those who are interested in this scholarship, please write in to hr@dancepointe.com.sg with your full dance CV, which includes your dance qualifications, teaching experiences and an essay of not more than 300 words stating the reasons of application to this scholarship.