Creative Pre School Ballet

Dancepointe School of Classical Ballet
A Member of Dancepointe Academy Singapore

For 3 & 4 year old:


  • 45 mins per ballet class
  • Once a week
  • One year course

Certificate of Achievement from Dancepointe will be presented at the end of the one year course.

Learning & Progression:

Dancepointe’s Creative Pre School Ballet is an enjoyable way for young children to channel their energy, develop physical skills, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. The uniqueness of Dancepointe’s Creative Pre School Ballet course over other players is the incorporation of Classical Ballet techniques to a Movement Class. The aim of this course is to enhance the benefits of a Movement Class (mentioned above) and also introduce Classical Ballet in a fun way. Our Creative Ballet works with a combination of a THEME, movements with Classical Ballet techniques, music and story telling.

Props and toys are also used in the classroom to cultivate the children’s creativity and interest for the course

Added advantage from Dancepointe is our Live Pianist for selective ballet classes! The pianist will accompany the class with suitable music to teach children to execute coordinated dance steps at the right music tempo.

Assessment & Certification:

  • Commonwealth Society of Teachers Dancing (CSTD)
  • “Come Dance With Me” Programme & Assessment Level 1

Dancepointe’ Creative Pre School ballet course is a one-year of learning, ending with a CSTD “Come Dance With Me” (Level 1) Assessment and Class Performance Day.

*CSTD –  An Australian dance organization

During this Assessment and Class Performance Day, the children will perform a rehearsed series of exercises (in a group setting) in front of a CSTD examiner and their parents. It will be held in Dancepointe Academy, in classroom setting. The children will receive a special disc of achievement to attach to their bag as well as a CSTD Certificate of Completion. This will be a memorable finale to their learning in Dancepointe Creative Pre school Ballet Programme.

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"Explore Your Creativity in a Fun Thematic Dance Class!"

Dancepointe’s Creative Pre School Ballet course serves a good progression to the next level – Classical Ballet for 5 years old and above, which is more demanding in ballet techniques and self discipline.