The Performance and Competition TEAMdpa

TEAMdpa : Our Competition Teams

As part of Dancepointe’s mission to provide an immeasurable value of Dance Education, our team has structured focused dance training : TEAMdpa Talent Program, for selected outstanding dancer.

  • Teeny Apprentice (6-7 Y/O)
  • First Apprentice (8-9 Y/O)
  • Junior Apprentice (10-12 Y/O)
  • Youth Apprentice (13-15 Y/O)
  • Senior Apprentice (16 Y/O and above)

This exciting Talent program aims to identify and develop dancers with great potential to further their career as a Professional Dancer, Teacher or Choreographer internationally and locally. The training will incorporate introduction of advanced dance techniques and different dance genres such as Jazz, Contemporary, Hiphop and Lyrical Dance. Classical Ballet Variations may be introduced as part of this learning platform. With this, our dancer will maximise their dance potential at an earliest age. In addition, the team will also be given priorities to International and Local Dance Competitions, Overseas Dance Exchange and Public Performances. In the past years, we had a fruitful year, attaining 1st to 3rd positions in various dance competitions in Singapore (2007-2021), Italy (2018), Hong Kong (2018), Barcelona (2015), Bangkok (2011 and 2015) and Perth (2013). An awesome and excellent collection of dance portfolio!

As part of our commitment to Dance as An Education, our TEAMdpa programme is heavily subsidised at 50%, together with Scholarships Awards for outstanding Soloists worth $20,000 per year and Bursaries for those who require financial assistance.

Read: for past competition awards.

The Apprentice Ballet Company

The Apprentice Company (TAC), a pre-professional ballet division of TEAMdpa, the programme delivers a specialised training for Soloists in Classical Ballet and Contemporary for outstanding Apprentice Team students. It is a prerequisite to be part of the TEAMdpa Apprentice Programme before selected to be a TAC dancer.

The prerequisite is not required for PSLE, O’ Levels and A Levels Students.

The Apprentice Company (TAC Ballet) Structure:

– Train in Classical Ballet Variations, conditioning, stretching and strengthening.

– Non syllabus work focusing on Classical Ballet techniques, performance quality and artistry.

– Participation in Pre-Professional Classical Ballet Competitions such Asian Grand Prix Singapore, Asian Grand Prix Hong Kong, Masterpiece International, New York Grand Prix & World Ballet Grand Prix.

– TAC Dancers will be required to perform Classical Ballet Solo for other competitions.

The Apprentice Company (TAC Contemporary) Structure:

All TAC are encouraged to join an optional Contemporary class which train their skills in Contemporary Techniques besides Classical Ballet on a weekly basis. (For 8yo & above)

– A consistent training regime in the contemporary dance technique will grow the dancer’s understanding and confidence in performing the technique.
Learn the various contemporary techniques such as Cunningham, Graham, LimΓ³n and Release Technique.

– To prepare them in Pre Professional platforms for Contemporary Solo such as Asian Grand Prix, Masterpiece International and Youth American Grand Prix.

– To enhance their opportunities in Direct School Admission Auditions.

Only students with Distinction in last ballet exam are eligible to apply for this Team. TAC dancers are exempted from RAD coaching class, unless they are required.

For any queries on this programme, please email us atΒ, we are happy to share with you on the TEAMdpa programme.