Jazz Dance

5th Avenue School of Jazz and Street Dance
A Member of Dancepointe Academy Singapore


  • 45 mins for kids classes, 1 hour for Teens and Adults
  • Once a week
  • Progressive Levels

Examination and Certification:

For JazzAVE kids (5-12yo)

  • Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD)
  • Levels:
    • Test 1-3
    • Bronze Medal
      and Star
    • Silver Medal
      and Star
    • Gold Medal
      and Star
    • Teaching
  • Commonwealth Society of Teachers Dancing (CSTD Australia)
  • Levels:
    • Pre Modern
    • Junior Jazz
    • Grade 1-5
    • Diploma
    • Teaching

For JazzFunkAVE Teens (13yo & above)

  • RSL,U.K: Performance Arts Award (PAA)
  • Levels:
    • Premiere
    • Grade 1 -8


Jazz Dance Singapore – JazzFunkAVE & JazzAVE kids breaks through the conventional style of Ballet and combines technical ballet moves with free style, danced to various pop music. As such, Jazz Ballet allows the dancers more freedom to diverse into lyrical or even slight funk forms and at the same time, provides dancers with extended lines and classy stature. Jazz Ballet also places an emphasis on flexibility and strength to accentuate expression of the dancers.

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