dACADEMY School of Contemporary Dance
A Member of Dancepointe Academy Singapore


  • 60 mins for Adult, 45mins for Kids
  • Once a week
  • Progressive Levels


  • ACADEMY I (5-8 yo)
  • ACADEMY II (9-12 yo)
  • ACADEMY Youth (13-16yo Beginners)
  • ACADEMY Youth (13-16yo Advanced)
  • ACADEMY Adults (17yo & above Beginners)
  • dTEAM Performance and Competition Team

Examination and Certification:

  • Commonwealth Society of Teachers Dancing (CSTD)
  • Levels:
    • Foundation
    • Level 1 – 3
    • Teaching

Typically, Contemporary is like a free movement dance , or rather like a break free from Classical Ballet lines. It holds on tightly to Classical Ballet techniques, but the choreography is very diversed and generally can not be recognized as any specific dance style, although other dance styles can often influence much of the movement.

It is usually lyrical and slow but as said, it can be any forms, even fast! It requires high level of emotions and expressions to make the movements convincing.

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