Classical Ballet

Dancepointe School of Classical Ballet
A Member of Dancepointe Academy Singapore

From 5 years old and Above:


  • 45 mins for children ballet classes
  • Once a week
  • Progressive levels

Assessment & Certification:

For Pre Primary Foundation (5-6yo):

  • Commonwealth Society of Teachers Dancing (CSTD)
  • “Come Dance With Me” Programme & Assessment Level 2

Dancepointe’ Pre Primary Foundation ballet course is a one-year of learning, ending with a CSTD “Come Dance With Me” (Level 2) Assessment and Class Performance Day.

*CSTD –  An Australian dance organization

During this Assessment and Class Performance Day, the children will perform a rehearsed series of exercises (in a group setting) in front of a CSTD examiner and their parents. It will be held in Dancepointe Academy, in classroom setting. The children will receive a special disc of achievement to attach to their bag as well as a CSTD Certificate of Completion. This will be a memorable finale to their learning in Dancepointe Creative Pre school Ballet Programme.

Examination and Certification:

For Pre Primary onwards (6-7yo and abv):

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) U.K
  • Levels:
    • Pre-Primary
      to Grade 8
    • Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate
    • Advanced
      1 and 2
    • RAD Teaching
      Certificate (RAD CBTS)

Under the instruction of our dedicated teachers, children would be able to learn and perfect the ballet teachniques whichare necessary not only in the development of professional dance, but also immensely beneficial for the general physique and coordination of the human body. They would also develop both mental and physical attributes that would be useful in their academic studies and social dealings.

Live pianist is provided for all the ballet classes to encourage Musicality in dancing!

Learning Outcome:

  • Discipline
    Learning to pay attention, listening, watching, and develop discipline while learning to master dance movements
  • Determination and Confidence
    It is not easy to master dance as it requires enormous physical and mental challenges.
  • Body awareness- Poise and Posture
    Children would also be encouraged to have greater general body awareness and poise with dance training.
  • Awareness and Appreciation of Classical Music
    Gives them the opportunity to be affiliated with the works of renowned classical composers such as Bach, Chopin and Beethoven, which form the bulk of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet syllabus.

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" The Beauty of Classical Ballet is Our Poise and Posture!"