The Performance and Competition Groups: TEAMdpa

TEAMdpa : Our Competition Teams

As part of Dancepointe’s mission to provide an immeasurable value of Dance Education, our team has structured focused dance training : TEAMdpa Talent Program, for selected outstanding dancer.

  • Teeny Apprentice (6-7 Y/O)
  • First Apprentice (8-9 Y/O)
  • Junior Apprentice (10-12 Y/O)
  • Youth Apprentice (13-15 Y/O)
  • Senior Apprentice (16 Y/O and above)

This exciting Talent program aims to identify and develop outstanding dancers as soloists in other genres such as contemporary and jazz and to further their career as a Professional Dancer, Teacher or Choreographer internationally and locally. Dancepointe deploys its resources to allocate specialised Teachers in these genres to train the dancers. The training will incorporate introduction of advanced dance techniques and different dance genres such as Jazz, Contemporary, Hiphop and Lyrical Dance. Classical Ballet Variations may be introduced as part of this learning platform. With this, our dancer will maximise their dance potential at an earliest age. In addition, the team will also be given priorities to International and Local Dance Competitions, Overseas Dance Exchange and Public Performances. In the past years, we had a fruitful year, attaining 1st to 3rd positions in various dance competitions in Singapore (2007-2021), Italy (2018), Hong Kong (2018), Barcelona (2015), Bangkok (2011 and 2015) and Perth (2013). An awesome and excellent collection of dance portfolio!

Yearly our TEAMdpa dancers will be able to use their Dance Portfolio for their Direct School Admission (DSA) Applications during their PSLE year. 100% of their applications will be successful to at least one of their dream schools via Dance DSA.

As part of our commitment to Dance as An Education, our TEAMdpa programme is heavily subsidised at 50%, together with Scholarships Awards for outstanding Soloists worth $20,000 per year and Bursaries for those who require financial assistance.

Yearly, registration for Audition opens in August. Email us at, for more queries