Performance and Competition Team

Dancepointe Junior Apprentice Programme

The Dancepointe Junior Apprentice Programme is established to provide an innovative environment where talented young dancers can further expand their technical dance training with performance-orientated training and experience, given by the most respected teachers and choreographers in our community.

Currently we have 2 main groups: The Modern/ClassicalBallet and the Hip Hop. They enjoy heavily subsidized dance classes with various renowned instructors sharing with them different dance styles in each term.

This group will also be representing Dancepointe Academy for International dance competitions and be given the opportunities to perform for events and projects. For past years, the group had competed in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Perth. They won titles such as 1st Positions for Lyrical Solo (Bangkok), Classical Solo (Singapore), Classical Pas Deux (Singapore), Troupe Novelty (Perth), 2nd position for Troupe < 9 years old (Singapore), 3rd Position for Betty Tilley Championship (Hong Kong), Troupe Freestyle (Singapore) and Honourable Mentions for Lyrical Solo (Perth) and Ne0-Classical Solo (Singapore).

In 2015, Dancepointe Apprentice Teams achieved many awards at the 17th CSTD Asia Pacific and Singapore Dance Competitions. We congratulate them for the dedications and achievements.

See our Achievements page for the updates!

Bursary Awards 2015 for Performance and Competition Teams

We are also pleased to give out Bursaries to outstanding individuals who are sponsored for the Year’s training costs and 30%-50% sponsorships on the overseas traveling costs . We are pleased to give out the following bursaries for 2015 :

  • 8-9yo – Caitlyn Ang
  • 10-12yo – Odelia Lee
  • 15yo and under – Tan Justina
  • 16yo and abv – Debbie Luo

dTEAM - The Contemporary Performance and Competition Team

dTEAM™ is the performance and competition team of dACADEMY™, under the artistic direction of Mr Dan Kwoh which provides an avenue for young dancers to train their technique, explore their artistry and compete on professional stages in Contemporary Dance. During this programme , they will compete, learn, and exchange at foreign grounds .

dTEAM and Dancepointe Apprentice Teams achieved Overall Champion at Europe Grand Prix Dance Competition 2015 ! They also attained the 1st Position in Contemporary Dance and 1st Position in Ethnics Dance!

See our Achievements page for the updates!

The selection for dTEAM 2014 has been closed. For interested parties for collaboration or for dTEAM 2015, please email to

Audition for Dancepointe Junior Apprentice & dTEAM Contemporary Dancers for Year 2015

Thank you for participating on 3rd Jan 2015 Audition at Goodman Arts Centre Studio. Congratulations to those who are selected to be part of this prestige Junior / Senior Apprentice & dTEAM Performance and Competition Teams!

We are proud to excel in the 2015 competitions and we thank each and everyone for the great support and commitment to the programme. Our humble achievements are as follows:

17th – 28th June 2015 Barcelona Grand Prix Dance Competition with London Immersion Trip

  1. Overall Champion for 2015 Europe Dance Grand Prix Dance Competition
  2. 1st Position for Contemporary Group
  3. 1st Position for Ethnic Group

12th – 17th Aug 2015 CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition at Bangkok

  1. 1st in Ensemble Open – dTEAM
  2. 2nd in Classical Solo under 12 – Odelia Lee
  3. 2nd in Trio/Duo Open – Jean /Jamie/Gertrude
  4. 2nd in Duo Jazz Open – Rachel Toh / Mabel Yap
  5. 3rd in Classical Group under 9 –  Dancepointe Academy Jurong
  6. Honourable Mention for Classical Solo under 12 – Alyssa Tan
  7. Honourable Mention for Contemp Solo under 18 – Joanne Saw
  8. Honourable Mention for National Solo under 18 – Lee Yu Ting
  9. Honourable Mention for Freestyle Solo under 7 – Rapheal Leo

CSTD Singapore Regional Dance Competition – Junior session (28th – 29th August 2015)

1) Classical Solo 7yo and under – 1st Position – Rapheal Leo
2) Classical Solo 7yo and under – 3rd Position – Yong Sook Ting
3) Jazz Solo 7yo and under – 1st Position – Rapheal Leo
4) Lyrical Solo 9yo and under – 3rd Position – Rapheal Leo
5) Group Classical & Lyrical 9yo and under – Honorable Mention for Dancepointe Academy Jurong
6) Group Classical & Lyrical 9yo and under – Honorable Mention for Dancepointe Academy Yio Chu Kang

CSTD Singapore Regional Dance Competition – Senior session (4th Sept 2015)

1) Classical Solo Novice12yo and under – 3rd Position – June Lim
2) Group Classical & Lyrical 12yo and under – 3rd Position for Dancepointe Academy Jurong

CSTD Singapore Regional Dance Competition – Senior session (5th Sept 2015)

1) Lyrical 13 & under solo – Honorable Mention – Alyssa Tan
2) National Solo Open – 1st Position – Lee Xue Jing – 2nd Position – Lee Yu Ting
3) Duo/Trio Open – 1st Position – Cindy Chen/ Joanna Saw – Honorable Mention – Jean /Jamie/Gertrude
4) Classical/Lyrical/ Contemporary Group under 15 – 2nd Position for Dancepointe Academy Bt Timah
5) Repertoire Solo Open – 1st Position – Ng Xian Cui

CSTD Singapore Regional Dance Competition – Senior session (6th Sept 2015)

1) Contemporary Group Open – 1st Position (Highest score in the competition!) – Dancepointe Academy Singapore
2) Freestyle Group Open – 1st Position – Dancepointe Academy Singapore
3) Ensemble Open – 1st Position – dTEAM

Call us for Dance Workshops and Performances @ 6265 9713!

We have performed extensively for Public Events, Government Organisations and Weddings with different dance genres such as Classical Ballet, Modern, K Pop and Hip Hop!

Our team of experienced teachers conducts dance workshops for Schools and Corporate too!