Masterpiece IBC 2018

“Dance Your Heart Out!”
Congratulations to our TEAMdpa dancers and The Apprentice Company TAC selected soloists on achieving the following results in the inaugural MASTERPIECE IBC 2018 FINALS!

TAC Soloists for FINALS:

Ariel Ng
Raphael Leo
Yong Sook Ting
Fong Jing Rou

And congratulations to our Final ‘s awards:

>>TEAMdpa North East Junior Apprentice: ✨Junior B Groups 2: 2nd Position

> Raphael Leo
Junior A Section 2: 3rd Position
Full Scholarship to 2019 Taiwan Grand Prix Summer Workshop & direct entry to Finals (Taiwan) @taiwangrandprix
Scholarship to 2019 Special Workshop at Soki Ballet School (Japan) @sokiballetschool
Sonata Model 2019 @sonatadancewear

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