Leave of Absence (LOA)



Dear Parents and students

In view of stepping up precautionary measures together with MOE’s recent announcement, Students &/or Immediate Family who have travelled to Mainland China will have to take a compulsory leave of absence (LOA) from our dance classes. This applies to all who return from mainland China on Jan 15 or later. The leave of absence will last for 14 days, starting from the day after your arrival in Singapore. All our Teachers and Staff have declared out of China Travel during this festive period.



For those who travelled to China on 15 Jan or after, pls fill up your travel declaration via link here.



In our training we come into close contact with one another, so we encourage all our students to be extra vigilant. If you have any symptoms such as cough, fever, or flu, please apply leave from our branch staff and get medical attention immediately. The school will also be doing temperature checks and hands sanitization before class starts.

We thank you for your support to ensure we provide a safe space for all to train.

Thank u

Dancepointe Academy