Learning Contemporary Dance Techniques Is Not Difficult At All! You Just Need A Great Teacher!

One can argue that there has never been a better form of expression than the art of dance. Dance in its various forms and style has marked several key events in the History of mankind. From Ballet to Hip Hop, dance is fun, calculative and even intimidating to some. Among all the various styles, Contemporary is undoubtedly the most pervasive dance style in our culture today. 

Contemporary dance can be found in most of the popular music videos we have the pleasure of watching today. As such, it is also a style that is most imitated by dance enthusiasts. However, those who are naturally incited to match their feet to the beats of contemporary music, seldom act on these impulses because they lack the confidence needed to perform some of the more complicated contemporary dance techniques. 

Fortunately, unlike Ballet or Pop n’ lock, mastering Contemporary dance techniques is quite simple, provided you have a great teacher and reliable dance classes to help you. 

In order to understand why Contemporary is relatively easier, let’s understand what this popular dance form actually entails. 

What is Contemporary Dance?

Popular culture defines contemporary dance as a style of dance that gained prominence in the mid-twentieth century and has become a dominant dance form throughout the world ever since. 

It is essentially a combination of many popular dance forms like Ballet, Lyrical Jazz and Hip Hop. What really makes contemporary easier than all the other dance styles we just mentioned is its flexibility. It doesn’t possess complex or rigid techniques like the other styles. It provides dancers with more freedom to experiment and come up with their own moves. 

How a Good Teacher Helps?

‘There are no bad students, only bad teachers.’ These wise words are as true today as they were when first spoken. Sometime all you need to master anything in your life, let alone contemporary dance, is a good teacher. A good teacher who themselves are master of the genre, can impart students with the tips, tricks and techniques needed to perfect contemporary dance. 

A Good teacher will first assess your skill level and accordingly design a dance program that helps you progress the best. They can also help correct your mistakes in real-time. You rest assured that someone professional is by your side as you move through the various lessons of contemporary dance. 

Other Aspects that also help improve Your Contemporary Dance Techniques

Stepping Up your Workout Routine

Contemporary dance can be intense, requiring dancers to pull off leaps, jumps and many other high-octane moves. You need your body to move fluidly to execute these moves impeccably. Hence, it is highly advisable to indulge in exercises that improve your strength and dexterity. You can try Yoga, Stretching and Strength building exercises to perfect your contemporary dance techniques

Understanding Integral Aspects of Contemporary Dance Choreography

Although heavy on physical moves, Contemporary also focuses majorly on narration, expression and emotions. This is what makes choreography the most fundamental aspect of contemporary dance. It is highly recommended to choreograph a piece yourself to any of your favorite music while consistently improving on it. You can keep on adding new elements to your choreography to come up with a dance routine that is unique and connects with the audience on an emotional level. 

The Bottom Line

Contemporary Dance Techniques may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but are incredibly easier once you start practicing them yourself. Of course, having a good teacher as your ally also ensures you have someone to guide you towards your desired goal of mastering the Contemporary dance style. 

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