Jazz Dance Classes in Singapore – What to Expect.

Contrary to the meticulous technique of ballet or the free-spirited nature of Hip-Hop, Jazz is a different beast all together.  A Jazz class can both comply with your expectations as well as surprise you on different occasions.

Needless to say, no two days will be the same when you are taking a Jazz dance class. It is this uncanny novelty that makes the prospect of enrolling in a jazz class exciting and fascinating in equal measure.

So if you are someone who’s fiddling with the idea of experiencing a Jazz dance class in Singapore, we can help you better prepare for the same on both a mental and physical level.

So without much further ado, here’s what you can expect from your Jazz Dance Classes in Singapore as a beginner.

What to Expect from Your Initial Jazz Dance Classes in Singapore

1 – Grooving to Popular Music

The fact that music is integral to any form of Dance, let alone Jazz, is a no brainer. The mood of an entire dance session will strongly depend on the choice of songs playing in the class. Bland choice of music can really sour the atmosphere of a class, which otherwise demands an energy fueled by infectious excitement. Dance instructors understand and thus often pair their dance sessions with popular music that is probably topping the billboard charts worldwide. 

2 – Style Mastering

Jazz relies strongly on mastering an array of styles that give the dance form its distinct definition. In retrospect, you will find the same steps and style choices in most Jazz dance classes around the globe. These steps include jazz square, ball-change, turns and leaps, just to name a few. The steps you perform will largely depend on the kind of music playing or the type of Jazz class you have opted to undertake. For e.g. A musical theatre style jazz class will offer a chasse lesson which is more of ‘lifting’ and ‘airy’ as compared to a chasse lesson thought in a Hip Hop class.

3 – Dress Code

Most jazz dance classes have a very flexible approach to dress codes. It isn’t nearly as strict as a ballet class that makes it mandatory to wear costumes complimentary to the aesthetic of ballet. While some Jazz dance classes may ask you to wear a leotard, a majority of classes will still give you the freedom to choose clothes that make you more comfortable. As far as dance footwear go, you will see jazz dancers normally wear sneakers or split-sole jazz shoes. You can enquire with your dance studio regarding your style and dress code before your first class.

4 – Intensity

One thing you can most definitely expect from a jazz dance class is the fact that it will always be bold and energetic. You will be required to ‘give it your all’ when performing in a jazz dance class. Whether you are warming up, crossing the floor or learning your steps, your trainer will require you to exhibit peak energy every time. 

The Bottom Line

What you do in jazz class will vary in nature depending on the teacher instructing you. So people’s experience is bound to be different across different studios. So we can ultimately only speak with confidence in favor of the dance classes we offer our students. 

At Dancepointe Academy’s dance classes in Singapore you can always expect to learn while having the best time of your life. It doesn’t matter what music you are tapping your feet to, or what shoes you are hitting the dance floor with. In the end we guarantee to offer a dance class bound to keep you sweating and smiling while you master the groovy dance style of jazz.

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