Is Your Toddler Ready For Dance Classes?

Children Ballet Class

Public-speaking takes courage, but to perform in front of a group of people? Now that requires a lot of confidence. This is one of the qualities that dance can instill in a child from young, benefiting her as she grows up. Besides good posture, a young dancer will learn how to work well in a team, to lend a helping hand to her peers so that no one falls behind the class. This is why one should not miss the opportunity of signing her child up for dance lessons, or specifically ballet class for kids, once she expresses an interest in it.

From three years old onward, it will be a good age to start learning dance. The reason is, it can take many years to acquire a professional level of technique, which makes it more important to enroll your child into dance classes, especially if your child comes to you, declaring, “Mummy, I want to be a dancer when I grow up.” But if she does not, here are some telltale signs to tell if your child is ready for dance lessons:

  • You will see your little one moving her body to her favorite television theme songs, trying to point her fingers in an attempt to re-enact the hand gestures. When she is expressing an interest in music and movement, perhaps it is time to take her to her first dance lesson.

  • She is ready to spend time away from her parents. When you start to realise that it is alright to be separated from your child for a while, when you would not have to worry that your child will cling onto you with eyes at the brink of tears, that will show that she is quite independent in being on her own. This will probably be around the time when she is starting to get used or has gotten used to a group surrounding after starting out in nursery. You can worry lesser when your child learns ballet at a stage where she can be left alone in a social setting

  • She is able to follow simple instructions. In ballet, one must listen closely to the music and to the teacher in order to perform well to a piece. This is important as kids who have yet to listen well to instructions will find it hard to catch up in class as compared to her peers. Dancing also relies heavily on muscle memory, which means that if she learnt an incorrect technique when she started out, it will be difficult to correct it later on in her ballet journey. Thus while children at this young age are still in a process of learning to listen to instructions, it will be beneficial for your child when she is already able to focus and follow simple directions taught by the teacher.

But there are many types of dance lessons out there, so which do you apply your child in? For children looking for competitive or casual lessons, Dancepointe can be an ideal option for your child to help her explore the potential she could possess in dance. Towards the end of our Pre Primary Foundation ballet course for kids aged five years old and above, you will get to witness how much your child has grown as you watch her perform in front of you. Under the instruction of our dedicated teachers, your child will be able to build her confidence in mastering dance movements among a myriad of benefits.

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