2019 Get The Beat

Throwback to the recently concluded Get The Beat competition with TEAMdpa dancers achieving a total of 83 placings including 1 overall CHAMPION!

Congratulations to all dancers!

GTB Pre-Junior Overall CHAMPION:
Raphael Leo Kay Yih

Raphael Leo Kay Yih

Marilynn Nathania Budiarto
Valerie Sun Yu Tong
Charlene Quek Woo Nim
Raphael Leo Kay Yih
Magdalene Ong Xi En

Top 5 Soloist Pre-Junior (9-10yrs old):
Raphael Leo Kay Yih

Groups CHAMPIONSHIP 10&under:
2nd Position – Northeast Junior Apprentice

1st Positions:
Lyrical Solo 10&u – Raphael Leo Kay Yih
Contemp Solo 10&u – Raphael Leo Kay Yin
Acro Solo 10&u – Raphael Leo Kay Yih
Jazz Solo 10&u – Raphael Leo Kay Yih
Lyrical Solo 7&U – Valerie Sun Yutong
Ballet Solo 9&U B –Charlene Quek Woo Nim
Solo (7&U HipHop) – Ryan Liu
Solo (9&U HipHop) – Teo Yu Qing
Solo (10&U HipHop) – Sean Tay
Solo (12&U HipHop) – Gisella Yeo
Solo (15-19 HipHop) – Natalie Grace
Solo 20+ Open – Irwin Tan
Improvisation Senior – Jash Foong
Duo/Trio 6&u Lyrical/Contemporary – Ignacia Tan & Marilyn Budiarto
Groups 8&u Lyrical – Northeast Teeny Apprentice
Groups 12&u Contemporary – Northeast Junior Apprentice
Groups Open Age Contemporary Small – dTEAM
Groups Open Age any other style – dTEAM
Groups 15&u Any Other Style – dTEAM Junior
Groups Open Age Lyrical – Senior Apprentice

2nd Positions:
Demi character 6&u – Marilynn Nathania Budiarto
Ballet Solo 7&u – Valerie Sun Yutong
Ballet Solo 8&U A – Lien Dauwels
Ballet Solo 10&u B – Raphael Leo Kay Yih
Improvisation Junior – Raphael Leo Kay Yih
Contemporary Solo 15-19 y/o – Mandy Koh
Lyrical Solo 8&U – Lim Yuhan
Lyrical Solo 12&u – Heelori Rawat
Solo (13&U HipHop) – Tan Wan Yee
Demi Character Solo 15+ – Prinncy Chia
Solo 20+ Open – Jamie Hwang
Duo/Trio 15+ Lyrical/Contemporary – Goh Boon Suang and Kayleen Wong
Duo/Trio 15+ Any Other Style – Yoong Jia Wei, Woo Mun Yee & Angela June Yue
Groups Open Age Contemporary – dTEAM
Groups 10 & u Lyrical large – Northeast First Apprentice
HipHop Crew (10&U youngster) – mvKids (small)
Hip Hop Crew (12&U Junior) – mvKids (Big)

3rd Positions:
Ballet Solo 8&U B – Lim Yu Han
Ballet Solo 9&U B – Zhang Bowen Kellie
Ballet Solo 10&U A – Megan Pang Rui En
Ballet Solo 12&u A – Magdalene Ong
Demi character Solo 9&U – Lin Zi Han
Lyrical Solo 12&u – Clarie Chua
Solo 20+ Open – Kate Chong
Solo (12&U HipHop) – Shawn Liu
Solo (15-19 HipHop) – Hannah Tan
Duo/trio 8&U Lyrical/Contemporary – Megan Chia and Reynee Ng
Groups 8 &u Classical – West Teeny Apprentice
Groups 12&u Ballet – West Junior Apprentice
Groups 12&u Lyrical Small – Northeast Junior Apprentice
Groups 15&U Jazz (Large) – Youth Apprentice

4th Positions:
Ballet Solo 7&u – Lee Hao En
Jazz Solo 7&u – Leong Le-Ann Bethany
Jazz Solo 8&u – Phang Wei Xuan
Tap Solo 8&u – Ng Xin Min Clarise
Demi Character Solo 9&U – Zhang Bowen Kellie
Demi Character Solo 10&u – Chua Xuan Le Lynette
Demi Character Solo 12&U – Magdalene Ong
Open Solo 13&U – Janelle Choi
Contemporary Solo 15-19 y/o – Irwin Tan
Solo (8&U HipHop) – Gwyneth Yap
Solo (11& U HipHop) – Hany
Duo/Trio 13&U Any Other Style – Tan Wan Yee & Rachel Lee
Groups 15&U Contemporary (Large) – Youth Apprentice
Groups 15&U Contemporary (Small) – Youth Apprentice

5th Positions:
Jazz Solo 7&u – Reynee Ng Ruining
Ballet Solo 8&U A – Amelia Lim Kai En
Ballet Solo 10&U A – Clara Tan Le Xuan
Ballet Solo 10&U A – Kayleen Lee Jing Xuan
Ballet Solo 13&U B – Janelle Choi
Lyrical Solo 8&U – Lien Dauwels
Lyrical Solo 9&U – Ariel Ng
Lyrical Solo 10&u – Megan Pang
Contemporary Solo 14&U – Isabelle Jody Choy
Lyrical Solo 15-19 y/o A – Nathasia Chin
Lyrical Solo 15-19 y/o B – Mandy Koh
Duo/Trio 10&u Lyrical/Contemporary – Caryn Chua & Tan Zhiyu
Duo/Trio 8&U Any Other Style – Zhao Yuehan & Melody Seow
Duo/Trio 10&U Any Other Style – Tiara Chong & Nicole Tan
Groups 10&u Classical Large – West First Apprentice

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