DPA Care and Share Programme 2017

Dancepointe Academy (DPA) Care and Share Week – Dance, Give & Joy

Dancepointe Academy (DPA) organises a Care and Share Week on 28th November until 7th December 2017.  In conjunction with this, DPA collaborates with Community Chest Singapore to bring Dance Education to 20 underprivileged families with teens ranging from 12-20 years old – our Guest Dancers. During this period, DPA will be hosting a 4-day Performing Arts Enrichment Camp entailing various dance genres such as Lyrical, Jazz Funk and KPOP for the Guest dancers and DPA Students.  DPA aims to provide an insight into the life of a dancer with a Showcase at the end of the camp on the 2nd Dec. During this event, DPA will select 6 outstanding Guest Dancers to be given ONE year of Scholarship Classes with DPA.

In addition to the 4-days camp, the Guest Dancers, and their parent accompany are invited to watch a favourite Christmas Classic, “The Nutcracker” together with Dancepointe Families happening on 7th December 2017 at The Esplanade, this performance is by our renowned dance company: Singapore Dance Theatre.

2500 DPA Donation Cards will be given out during this period to all our DPA families. The proceeds will be given to the beneficiaries under Community Chest such as Rotary Family Service Centre and Care Corner for their education funds as well as The Nutcracker Excursion Tickets for our Guest Dancers and families.

4-day Performing Arts Enrichment Camp

Fees: Free of Charge

Participants: 20 Guest Dancers and 60 DPA Studnets


28th November 2017, Tuesday           @ Dancepointe Academy JCube

29th November 2017, Wednesday      @ Dancepointe Academy Big Box

30th November 2017, Thursday          @ Dancepointe Academy Big Box

1st December 2017, Friday                    @ Dancepointe Academy Big Box

Ending off with a showcase on 2nd Dec at JStage; JCube level 5. Time: 5.00-6.30PM

Venue for Dance Camp: Dancepointe Academy @ JCube / Dancepointe Academy @ Big Box

Time Studio 1 (Junior Group) Studio 2 & 3 (Senior Group)
9:30 – 10:30 am KPOP Jazz Funk
10:45 – 11:45 am Lyrical KPOP
12:00 – 1:00 pm Jazz Funk Lyrical

*15 Minutes interval for snacks or toilet breaks.

Teachers: KPOP by Ms Tay Shufen, Jazz Funk by Mr DK and Lyrical by Ms Lilian Ng

This event is open into two (2) categories

Junior Group – Guest dancers age 12yo & DPA Grade 3 to Grade 6 Year 1 Students

Senior Group– Guest dancers age 13-20yo & DPA Grade 6 Year 2 and above Students

DPA would like to extend this act of love by offering a limited number of spaces to our own Dancepointe family members to come and dance with the Guest Dancers to make new friends and also to share their experience as a dancer. There will be a costume charge of $40/- per student for the 2nd Dec showcase, and we would like to encourage you to sponsor a guest dancer as well; this donation will be used to sponsor one guest dancer with their costume, accessory, and makeup during the camp and showcase. You can make this contribution in the DPA Donation Card and indicate the purpose.

DPA Students can choose only ONE (1) genre among Lyrical, KPOP or JazzFunk. DPA students, who are interested in registering for this Dance Camp, please register online at by clicking on the above 1 dance genre in the camp schedules! Only limited to first 9 Junior/10 Senior DPA students per dance genre/per slot. (We encourage you to sign up fast as there are limited spaces available!)

Closing Date for registration: 19th November 2017, 2359hrs.

The 4-day camp will end with a Showcase of Guest Dancers and DPA students in front of their family members.

Event:              Dance Family Outing (DFO) – A Dance Showcase to all DPA families

Venue:            JStage at JCube, Level 5

Date:                2nd December 2017, Saturday

Time:               5:00pm – 6:30pm

Highlights:   6 dance items from the Dance Camp and 12 Hip Hop and Kpop items from 5th Avenue and Dance Factory students; the Street Dance Department of DPA.

The Nutcracker Excursion, in Conjunction with DPA Care and Share Week

Join us for an evening at “The Nutcracker” Performance by Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) together with our Guest dancers and families!

Dancepointe Academy has organised a Parent and Child Excursion to The Esplanade Theatre on 7th December 2017, Thursday to enjoy ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet performance together, presented by home-grown dance company SDT.

Christmas is on giving and sharing. We look forward to our 2500 DPA Family Members to donate generously via our DPA Donation Cards as part of the proceeds will go to this Nutcracker Excursion for these underprivileged families.

Excursion Program:

Jigsaw Colouring – Each student needs to colour an A5 sizes picture, after colouring, we will combine all the paper and form an A1 image. This activity not only shows proper colouring techniques but also help the students understand about teamwork. Students will have to bring along their colouring materials.

*There will be prizes to be won! They are related to Ballet and Christmas. Can you guess what they are?

We look forward to your participation and generosity in making DPA Care and Share Programme a success!

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