Direct School Admission

Direct School Admissions


Apply to the school of your dreams through MOE Direct School Admissions.

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Put your years of dance training to good use through Direct School Admissions where you can apply to a Secondary School before sitting for the PSLE Exams. DSA allow students to apply directly to schools based on their talent in sports, CCAs and specific academic areas.

Here at Dancepointe Academy, our teachers will guide you through every step of the way through the DSA process to their best abilities. Over the years, we have built up a great record of students who have entered Secondary School through the DSA dance.





We are grateful to be a part of each and everyone’s journey. Hear from some of our past successful DSA applicants who were guided by our team of teachers.


Olivia Cheng Qin Yi, Singapore Chinese Girls School Student

(Guided by Ms Lena Foo & Ms Crystal Lum)

Olivia started learning ballet at the age of 3. She joined DPA and was selected to become one of their ‘The Apprentice Company’ dancer in 2019. Besides ballet, she also gets the opportunity to learn contemporary dance. These rigorous training has prepared her well for her DSA. Special thanks to her teachers, Ms Lena Foo and Ms Crystal Lum for their guidance and choreography in preparing Olivia for her video submission.

The DSA auditions were held via zoom in their primary school. Hence there were certain space constraints and Internet connection disruption. The few auditions that she attended were challenging as the schools were looking for dancers who were not only versatile, they must also be able to respond quickly to the judges’ demands on the spot, such as completing the choreography with their music given. Grateful to the years of training and competition experience, she was able to get through them smoothly.

She successfully received 3 confirmed offers from Singapore Chinese Girls School, Sota and Swiss Cottage Secondary School. You really need to start early to build a strong foundation if you would like to apply for the DSA. The Apprentice program from Dancepointe is definitely one of the best options.



Koh Jean Ting, SOTA Student

(Guided by Ms Kok Huishi)

“Jean Ting’s DSA experience with DPA started off at a young age – it began when she was given an opportunity at 6 years old to be part of the apprentice group, training together for rehearsals and gaining experiences through competitions. Through these experiences, we can see that she truly enjoys the process of learning the different dance art forms from the nurturing DPA teachers while forming friendships with her peers.

Preparing for DSA started earlier as it will take about two to three years to form the portfolio, and the various performance and competition opportunities with DPA provided a good range of portfolio for Jean Ting to present her capability during the submission and interview process. Kudos to Ms Kok for her guidance and choreography in preparing Jean Ting for her video submission.

The DSA interviews were conducted via zoom sessions, and the student would need to present her dance capability and potential to the interview panel. The DPA dance rehearsals conducted during circuit breaker presented the opportunity to let Jean Ting get used to learning and performing her dance moves via zoom, and this certainly helps alot in the preparation for the zoom interviews.

Jean Ting has applied to SOTA and three other secondary schools, and were glad to be given 3 confirmed offers and was placed on waiting list for one school. After some careful consideration, she chose SOTA and is glad that she has made the right choice. In fact, she enjoys going for dance rehearsals at DPA though she has been spending long hours of dance training at SOTA daily. She is looking forward to her continual growth in her dance journey with both SOTA and DPA!”



Olesya Koe Mei Ni, Accepted by SOTA

(Guided by Ms Kok Huishi & Ms Ivy Ng)

“We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Dancepointe especially to Ms Kok and Ms Ivy Ng for preparing Olesya for DSA (Direct School Admission) for Secondary schools audition. It was really another heart warming experience with their unwavering supports given the short period of timeline required by the DSA schools, from the dance choreography according to the specific requirement and rehearsals to the video recording on top of their very busy schedule.

Olesya received a Confirmed Offer by SOTA (School of The Art) through Dance DSA. All of these would not be possible without the strong support and foundations that have been being developed over the years by the teachers.

For parents who are interested to apply DSA through dance for their children, we would like to encourage them to start to develop their foundation early and expose them to different varieties of dance genre to cater for wide range of various requirements. Thank You!” -Olesya’s Parents



Kayleen Lee Jing Xuan, Successful Applicant of Nanhua High and Hua Yi Secondary School

(Guided by Ms Crystal Lum & Ms Lena Foo)

“Because I joined apprentice, I gained more experience in dance and I am also able to feel less afraid when it comes to going onstage to dance. I also have been able to learn a lot from my fellow competitors and my teachers such as Ms Lum and Ms Foo. I have used what I have learnt to continuously improve myself. these things have helped me become a better dancer and therefore helped me in getting accepted for DSA for both Nanhua and Huayi Secondary School.”



Jermayne Foo Wen Xuan, Student of National Junior College

(Guided by Ms Crystal Lum)

“Through joining apprentice, i was able to learn a variety of different skills and techniques that have not only enabled me to learn new things at an efficient pace but also widen my knowledge on dance. Joining apprentice has also helped to build up my confidence when performing on stage in front of large crowds and i am able to always showcase my best. my teacher ,Ms Lum, has also helped to hone my basic techniques that have contributed greatly to my learning progress, thus playing a huge role in my dancing journey as well as my DSA application.”



Rachel Lee Jing Ying, Student of National Junior College

(Guided by Ms Crystal Lum)

“Participating in competitions and performances in DPA helped me gain experience and exposure to different dance genres, letting me improve as a dancer. With the help and guidance of my teacher, Ms Lum, I have gained a lot of skills and techniques, allowing me to be able to freely express my feelings through dance and helping me to become more expressive when dancing.”



Erin Pok Ern Yee, Student of National Junior College

(Guided by Ms Ng Xian Cui)

“My journey with DPA for my dsa application process started relatively late. However, under the guidance of Ms Cui, along with her generosity, I was able to be sufficiently prepared for the audition. Additionally, I feel that this experience was very beneficial in many ways. My practices started a little after the circuit breaker period in 2020, all the way till September where the audition was held. Despite starting contemporary dance only two months prior, with the help of Ms Cui, I was able to perform a dance which truly catered to my abilities. Hence, I am very thankful for the personalised choreography which managed to show off what I was best at.

Besides that, I also received constructive feedback which was incredibly useful and further improved my technique, as well as the way I executed the routine. The auditions were held thru zoom, and regardless of its restrictions and limitations, I feel that dpa has managed to make sure I was confident to face any unexpected circumstance. Ultimately, I am elated to say that I received a confirm offer from National Junior College (NJC) in the talent area of Western Dance. Overall, I feel that dpa had adequately prepared me for the audition and I look forward to continue my journey with DPA and even in my current school, NJC”