Crucial Must-Have Components in a Dance Studio

Ever wondered what goes into making the perfect dance studio? A large empty room may suffice casual dancers who like to practice their alone, away from prying eyes. However, as a dance studio has to welcome more than one dancer, there are a number of things to consider in making the venture look considerably more professional and aesthetically appeasing to students and teachers alike.

This factors pertaining to pure aesthetics and mandatory requirements combine to breathe life into a dance studio.  A great dance studio will create the atmosphere needed to make the art of dancing both fun and incredibly rewarding at the same time.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the most crucial components needed to create an impeccable dance studio.

The components we are about to discuss are mandatory requirements for any competent dance studio in Singapore to function. 

So without much further ado, let’s jump right in

Must Have Components for a Dance Studio in Singapore

1 – Space

Starting with the most obvious, dance is a physical form of art that requires intense movement and mobility to be performed accurately. As such, dance studios need to afford dancers with ample space to move, shake and lift freely from one place to another.

A wide rectangular space that can accommodate enough dancers is something dance academies must consider before renting out, or building a dance studio. It is specifically advised that dance studios for children should be 150 square meters large whereas adult spaces should at least be a minimum of 10×9 meters.

2 – Safe Floors

Floors should be of the utmost important when opening up a dance studio. Wrong types of floor can severely damage dancers and cause serious knee and leg injuries. Therefore, it is extremely important to have adequately padded floor that provide ample support to dancers.

It is highly recommended to have wooden sprung floors to offer students with a comfortable learning experience. Harlequin floors, in particular, are a great addition to your dance studio to ensure guaranteed safety to both adult and child dancers.

3 – Mirrors

You simply cannot open a dance studio without having mirrors covering its walls. What may first seem as a purely aesthetic component is crucial in perfecting a variety of dance technique and forms. Mirrors should be implemented in such a way that dancers are able to see their entire body, right down to their feet.

Mirrors can help dancers find out flaws in their technique, and mimic the style of their tutor while still in the process of completing the dance session. Needless to say, a studio must have at least one wall with a mirror attached to it.

4 – Lighting

Lighting is another key component of a dance studio, and should be installed to seamlessly compliment the colors and mirrors employed in it. The lighting shouldn’t be too bright or too dim. The lighting on the ceiling should be soft and fluorescent so as to spread evenly across the dance floor.

You can also let in natural light by having windows strategically placed higher up on the walls. This can help prevent any sort of distractions to the dancers. 

The Bottom Line 

All of the above mentioned components are crucial to the success of any dance studio. Dancers, in particular, must make sure there are enough space, proper lighting and safe floors available for them to practice their lessons without a hassle.

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