Ballet Class Do’s & Don’ts

Ballet Class do's and don't's cover

Considering signing your child up for ballet classes? For many parents in Singapore, dance is seen as a relatively popular activity to start learning from young. But in order to make the most of her ballet lessons, it is important to first have proper dance etiquette, which will ensure that the class is conducive for both your child and her peers. And this applies in Dancepointe as well. 

We have highlighted a few things for you to help your child understand what will be expected of her prior to her ballet class. This will be beneficial not just in dance lessons but in her growth as a whole. Keep scrolling for our five simple tips to make sure your little dancer is getting the most out of their classes: 

  • Always arrive on time. It can not only be disruptive to the class when someone rushes in late for ballet lessons, but your child may also not have sufficient time to warm up and stretch her muscles. Punctuality, on the other hand, allows her to have time to prepare for class. On this topic, ensure that she is properly dressed before class starts. Apart from having a neat hairstyle, the most basic ballerina dancewear involves her leotard, tights and ballet shoes. Certain dance academies have specified outfits so do confirm prior to your child’s ballet class. If she already has her own pair of ballet shoes but they are starting to wear out, make it a point to get a new pair soon so that she has maximum grip as she dances. 

  • Remove any jewellery before lessons. Things like watches, necklaces and large earrings may pose a hazard to the dancers when they come off. Even if it does not, it may get caught on clothing or scratch someone when performing turns. Thus, check beforehand that all jewellery is removed.    

  • Keep one arm’s length away from each other. Ballet is all about watching your positioning, staying in sync with the rest and being aware of the room one has. By maintaining one arm’s length from her peers, again, this is to reduce the chances of colliding into others and getting hurt in the process. Beyond practice, spacial awareness is generally important in dance recitals. It is essentially a valuable habit to develop in your child’s ballet journey.   

  • Don’t talk too much in class. While your child will definitely be getting to know her peers and making friends during this time, it is more important when she focuses in class and avoid distracting others from their concentration. Particularly if there is a performance to prepare for, it is essential when everybody puts in the effort to create a nurturing and conducive environment to learn in.   

  • Lastly, have fun! Ballet is a creative outlet for children to imagine and express themselves. When your child learns a dance routine and practices diligently, she will get more confident in herself and even guide others in their ballet steps. It is a beautiful experience and as parents, you will definitely feel proud while watching your child blossom as a ballerina.  

Dance schools in Singapore

At Dancepointe, every kid will get the best out of each lesson under our instructors. If you are a parent who is planning to sign your child up for a ballet course in Singapore, Dancepointe might just be the academy you are looking for. We have 14 state-of-the-art schools serving the Alexandra, Bishan, Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong, Pasir Ris, Punggol, Seng Kang, Sembawang, Buangkok, Seletar, Yio Chu Kang and Tampines residents. If you are living near us, sign your child up and yes, she will be in for an enriching ballet experience at Dancepointe.