TEAMdpa Competition Audition

Be part of TEAMdpa 2020/2021 to expand your potential in DANCE with our intensive training lead by award winning choreographers !

TEAMdpa is a specially crafted talent development programme for the budding dancers. We aim to provide a conducive environment where talented young dancers can further develop their Dance Techniques and Stage Performance qualities. This special training group will be given valuable stage experience and opportunities in both International & Singapore Dance Competition and Performance platforms, as well as Overseas Exchange.

TEAMdpa is a subsidized programme (up to 50%) as Dancepointe Academy believes in providing stage and training opportunities to many with a lower cost structure and to be line with our Mission: ” Dance as An Education.”

2020/21 Bursaries (TEAMdpa Financial Assistance Plan) will be given out to all successfully selected TEAMdpa. Up to 2 per class will be awarded this Bursary*.

2020/21 Scholarships worth $18,000 will be given to outstanding achievers of 2020 Competitions.

Read: for our past competition awards.

For YA (born 2006, 2007, 2008) & SA Born in 2005 & earlier), pls refer to

For Pre Professional Ballet Team (The Apprentice Company), pls refer to

*Audition Venues will be the same as your Ballet Class respective Branches.

NE: Northeast branches such as YCK, BK, PR, SB, Khatib, BS, PG.

West: West branches such as SAFRA, JW, JCUBE, Hillion, AX.

*The Term will start from November 2020.


Audition DateAudition ScheduleRemarks Weekly Training Schedules
NE TA Audition (1)
NE TA Audition (2)
(Born 2014, 2015)
10 Sept (Thu) 1130am – 1230pm
1pm – 2pm 
Jazz & BalletSun 530pm – 7pm
(DPA @ Bishan)
by Ms Ashley Tan & Ms Veronica Boh

West TA Audition (1)
West TA Audition (2)
(Born 2014, 2015) 
10 Sept (Thu)9am – 10am
1015am – 1115am
Jazz & BalletSat 6.00pm – 7.30pm
(DPA @ JCube)
by Ms Lilian Ng

NE FA Audition (1)
NE FA Audition (2)
(Born 2012, 2013)
9 Sept (Wed)1145am – 1245pm
1pm – 2pm
Jazz & Ballet Sat 7pm – 9pm
(2020 T4, 2021 T1)
Sat 7pm – 945pm
(2021, T2 & T3)
(DPA @ Jalan Selaseh)
By Ms Mariska & Ms Elly

West FA Audition (1)
West FA Audition (2)
(Born 2012, 2013)
9 Sept (Wed) 330pm – 430pm
445pm – 545pm 
Jazz & BalletSat 515pm – 715pm
(2020 T4, 2021 T1)
Sat 430pm – 715pm
(2021, T2 & T3)
(DPA @ Jurong West)
by Ms Stacey Yeo

NE JA Audition (1)
NE JA Audition (2)
(Born 2009, 2010, 2011)
8 Sept (Tues)9am – 10am
1015am – 1115am
Jazz & BalletSat 7pm – 9pm
(2020 T4, 2021 T1)
Sat 7pm – 945pm
(2021, T2 & T3)
(DPA @ Jalan Selaseh)
by Ms Kok Huishi & Ms Fu Tsz Qing

West JA Audition (1)
West JA Audition (2)
(Born 2009, 2010, 2011)
8 Sept (Tues)1130am – 1230pm
1pm – 2pm
Jazz & BalletSat 715pm – 915pm
(2020 T4, 2021 T1)
Sat 715pm – 1000pm (2021, T2 & T3)
(DPA @ Jurong West)
By Ms Crystal Lum

Step 1: Register and make payment of SGD 10 online via (Registration will start on 22 Aug and close on 4th Sept 2020, 2359hrs.)
Step 2: A video access link (password protected) will be sent via auto reply once registration is done successfully on the website. The video will be ready for access from 29th August 0900hrs.
Step 3: Students are to learn the Audition exercises from the videos beforehand.
Step 4: Students are to report to their regular ballet class’s respective branches for the Audition (To avoid mixing during Covid period). There will be a limit on the number of auditionees in each studio.
Step 5: Students will be asked to perform the exercises they have learnt through the videos during the Audition
Step 6: Judging will be done via ZOOM across branches at the same time.

For any enquiries pls send your email to

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