A Guide To Ballet For You And Your Kid

Ballet Class for Kids

If you are a parent concerned over how your child is spending hours slumped in front of the television, there are many other ways to keep your child occupied. For example, why not sign her up for a ballet class for kids? Think about how exciting it will be to watch your child grow and shine on stage. There will also be many areas where she can benefit from while learning the art of classical ballet.

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Benefits Of Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is especially known for its graceful choreography, perfect posture and strict footwork. A dance that engages and controls different muscles of the body, ballet can become a good physical workout in a long run.

Ballet is all about telling a story and your child will get to learn how to express herself. She will use the various parts of her body to communicate to an audience through different types of classical music. As she is given opportunities to perform in front of her classmates or for an actual audience, she will also become more confident in herself.

Through these benefits, if you are considering of getting your child ready to learn ballet, you might find yourself wondering what might be some things that she will need for class such as what she needs to wear.

How To Get Ready For Ballet Class

For starters, to dance like a ballerina, one has to feel like one first. Especially if your child is new to ballet, she will need her own set of leotard and tights. Along with that, she will require a pair of ballet slippers that will take her through her dance journey. You might decide to buy her a size bigger for the shoes to last longer as she grows but remember to ensure that it fits her well enough when she dances. Now that her outfit is settled, what’s next?

The Perfect Ballerina Bun

At the start, you are probably going to help your child out with tying her ballet bun. Start by combing her hair to free it of any tangles and tie it up into a high ponytail. From there, twist the ponytail and while doing so, wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Tuck any loose ends with bobby pins and you can either secure the bun with the same pins or hold it in place with a hair net. And there you have it, the perfect ballerina bun to get your child all set for ballet class!

Especially for performances and competitions, a spritz of hairspray around the entire cinnamon bun-like hairdo will be required to ensure no stray strands come out of place. Ballerinas are all about elegance and poise, thus a neat and tidy look has to be achieved in order to exude that.

Importance Of Maintaining A Good Dance and Life Balance

Know that putting your child in ballet is a good decision, whether or not she plans to choose dance as her future career. But while ballet can take up quite some time as your child grows older, she will need to maintain the right balance between time spent dancing and doing school work. Without saying, studies come first. It is understandable to think of quitting once your child struggles with managing her time for both, especially when the examination period is coming. Yet, it will be sad to see your child giving up a hobby that she has fallen in love with.

The good thing about Dancepointe is that we only have one major performance or competition within a few months. Hence, your child will definitely be able to find time to study and enjoy dancing at the same time.