5 Basic Positions For Beginners To Practice At Home

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If your child is showing an interest in ballet, she might want to join a ballet class for kids in Singapore. But if you want to be sure that ballet is right for her, there are some basic steps she can practice at home. It is always helpful to know the first few positions one will start off with as a beginner in ballet. It might be a little challenging at first as her legs might shake while she is trying to maintain the position. But these five fundamental positions will act as the foundation for harder coordination and footwork as your child’s dancing progresses. Continue scrolling to take a look at these five positions.


The first position can be done by forming a “V” with the heels placed together and toes pointing outwards from each side. Professional ballerinas are able to have both legs in contact with each other with minimal gap. But for a beginner, as long as the feet stays firm on the ground, that is a good start!


The second position is similar to the first, only that the heels are not touching each other. Remember to keep the legs straight here and note that the space between the feet should be a hip-width apart.


Easily mistaken for the first or fifth position, this position is rarely executed but it can still be useful to practice it. This involves placing the right foot in front such that its heel is touching the arch of the left foot.


The feet here in the fourth position is pretty much the same as the third position. The only difference is that one foot is placed directly in front of the other. Not that the space in between should be about a foot’s length.


This is similar to the fourth position, just that one has to ensure that there is no gap between the feet in this fifth position. The heels of each foot should be pressed together in contact with the toes of the other foot. This is the most difficult position out of the five, so expect it to be hard to master for beginners.

They may look simple but these positions are important, such that every performance usually ends with the ballerinas posing in one of these foot positions. You can also practice alongside your child to not only make things fun, but to watch that she does not hurt herself.

But if your child truly shows a passion in ballet, it might be more beneficial for her to learn ballet in a class instead such as in Dancepointe Academy. Rather than practicing at home, she will get to learn properly under the care of our professional dance instructors. But most importantly, she will grow in this beautiful form of dance with kids around the same age as her, sharing the same beginner stage.

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