2018 mvAVE Team Audition – HipHop

A Hiphop based Performance and Competition  Team for age 13 -15yo (Junior) and 16yo & above (Senior)! Open to non Dancepointe/5th Avenue students.

mvAVE TEAM 2018 Highlights* :

  • Italy Immersion and Competition (14th -23rd June 2018)
  • CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition in Singapore (30th Aug – 3rd Sept 2018)
  • Black Out (Aug 2018)
  • Pulse (November 2018)
  • Mega Crew Dance Exchange Programme to Gigi Art of Dance Indonesia
  • Seoul Dance Immersion Programme

* Choice of Immersion and Competition will be based on the selected TEAM

  • The Team will be producing 2 Music Videos per year.
  • There will be compulsory performance in DFO (9th June 2018) and Annual 5th Avenue Recital (25th Nov 2018 at Kallang Theatre)

Registration For 2018 Audition is Now Open!

Be part of our mvAVE TEAM 2018 to explore your potential in HIPHOP. mvAVE TEAM 2018 programme is a heavily subsidised programme for the selected dancers with limited spaces. All the best for your audition!

Registration Procedures:

Click here to REGISTER and pay Audition Fee of SGD$10

Audition Details

Date                                                      : 7th Jan 2018, Sunday

Venue                                                  : Dancepointe Academy @ BIG BOX Mall

                                                                  (1 Venture Ave, #B1-K2, Lobby A)

Closing Date for Registration : 17th Dec 2017, 2359hrs

Audition Schedule                         : Pls report 45mins earlier than the stated time.


(ALL) mvAVE Team Junior 13-15 yo (Born 2003 – 2005)              :1300 -1500hrs

(ALL) mvAVE Team Senior 16 yo & abv (Born 2002 and earlier) :1500 -1700hrs


*Audition will be hiphop based.


Fees after subsidy: $10 per hour (u.p $20)

2018 Bursary Application Forms will be given out to all successfully selected mvAVE TEAM 2018 dancers. Up to 2 per class will be awarded this Bursary*.

*Terms and Conditions apply

(ALL) mvAVE Team Junior 13-15 yo (Born 2003 – 2005)

Training Schedule : Every Sat 5.30PM – 7.30PM & 2nd class to be confirmed later

Venue                       : Dancepointe Academy @ JCube

Teacher                    : Mr DK 

(ALL) mvAVE Team Senior 16 yo & abv (Born 2002 and earlier)

Training Schedule : Every Friday 8.30PM – 10.30PM & 2nd class to be confirmed later

Venue                       : Dancepointe Academy @ BIG BOX Mall

Teacher                    : Mr DK, Mr Freddy and Mr Ray 

Teamdpa 2017 Achievements

Congratulations to the Competition and Performance TEAMdpa 2017 who had competed in the recent 19th CSTD Asia Pacific and Singapore Dance Competitions! Our dedicated dancers with the creative choreographies by our very own DPA Teachers had earned over 77 awards, including our team of 160 dancers who were all placed in our 10 Group Items!

In 2017, mvAVE TEAM, part of TEAMdpa won 1st Position in CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition and 3rd Position in CSTD Singapore Regional Competition!

Enjoy the 2017 highlights of our  Competition Rehearsal and Kuala Lumpur Asia Pacific Competition participated by mvAVE Team!

Visit our page for other years’ achievements or email us at enquiries@5thavenue.com.sg for any queries.

Congratulations to 2018 Scholarship Winners! 

DPA would like to recognise the outstanding dancers who were placed 1st Position in their SOLO items with the 2018 TEAMdpa Scholarships. This will entitle them to a year of free Apprentice/dTEAM training Classes. We hope also to motivate all students to work towards this scholarship for the years to come.

  • Classical Solo 9&U                          : 1st Position (Raphael Leo)
  • Classical Solo Novice 15&U          : 1st Position (Nathasia Chin)
  • Classical Solo 15&U                        : 1st Position (Alyssa Tan)
  • National Solo Novice 15&U           : 1st position (Deslyn Chia)
  • Contemporary Novice Solo 15&U  : 1st position (Alyssa Tan)
  • National Solo Open Age                 : 1st position (Kate Chong)
  • Contemporary Solo 17&U               : 1st position (Amanda Koh)
  • Acrobatics Solo 17&U                    : 1st position (Amanda Koh)
  • Contemporary Solo Open                : 1st Position (Phua Xuan Ru)

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