Mariska Liauw

Ms Mariska Cendana

RAD Registered Ballet Mistress

  • Ballet (RAD Syllabus)
  • Jazz (ATOD Syllabus)


The Royal Academy of Dance (ARAD)
RAD Vocational Graded – Advanced 2 for Classical Ballet
Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS)
ATOD & CSTD Jazz Teaching Member


Ms Mariska Cendana started dancing at the age of 5, with Major in Classical Ballet. She was enrolled into Namarina Dance Academy (Jakarta), one of the best dance academies in Jakarta, Indonesia. She had completed all the RAD certifications in Jakarta and passed the highest RAD Vocational
Graded Advanced 2 examination, under our Dancepointe founder, Ms Lena Foo. For certifications in Jazz, she had completed the ATODI Jazz Gold Star level. Mariska also holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication from The London School of Public Relations.

Over the years, Mariska had attended teachers’ course conducted by Olivier Pattey-Ballet (France), Adam McKinney-Ballet & Jazz (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, New York), and also Lynn Wallis (RAD Artistic Director).She is also a registered teacher for Aerobic and Fitness Trainer Class by Reebok University, Jakarta.

Mariska became a Classical Ballet Teacher, Jazz, Fitness instructor and Choreographer for almost 12 years till now. She knows all the Children Ballet exercises from the RAD UK syllabi and the techniques
required, and also she is well-liked by children. She also attended the new RAD syllabi Grade 1-3, Grade 4-5 and Intermediate Foundation/Intermediate Teachers’ course. Mariska teaches the ATOD Jazz to her children and later sent them for the examinations for consecutive 5 years since 2010.

Ms Mariska is active in Dancepointe Programs such as the Overseas Dance Tour to Central School of Ballet (UK) in 2011 for more exposure and training. She regularly sending her students to 15th CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition in 2013, and also 16th CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition and ATOD Hong Kong Pan Asia Dance Competition in they year of 2014. In 2015, her soloist and Apprentice Groups participate in both 17th CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition (Bangkok) as well as Singapore Competitions.

Miss Mariska Cendana joined Dancepointe Singapore in the year 2009 as a Classical Ballet Teacher for Sengkang School. She had completed the Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (RAD CBTS) with Dancepointe, under the tutelage of Ms Lena Foo. She is now appointed as a Registered Teacher of the RAD. She is among the rest who had received the Dancepointe RAD CBTS Sponsorship.