TAC Audition 2019/2020

The Apprentice Company (TAC), a pre-professional ballet division of TEAMdpa, the programme delivers a specialised training in Classical Ballet for outstanding Apprentice Team students. Click on the LINK to register.

Date of Audition: 13 Sept 2019

  • West and North TAC Audition (8-9yo) : 12.00pm – 1.00pm
  • West and North TAC Audition (10-11yo) : 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Date of Audition: 14 Sept 2019

  • West and North TAC Audition (12yo  & abv) : 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Prerequisites for Application:

– A Member of TEAMdpa

– Min 8 years old in year 2020

– A Distinction in recent Ballet examinations

or Finalists in Pre Professional Ballet Competitions

or Receive Top 3 Positions in  non Pre Professional Ballet Competitions.

– Compulsory to participate in the RAD Ballet Exams

Achievements of Our TAC: (Click on)

– 2019 Masterpiece International

– 2019 Asian Grand Prix Singapore

– 2019 Asian Grand Prix Hong Kong Finalists

– 2019 New York Grand Prix

– 2019 World Ballet Grand Prix

The Apprentice Company (TAC) Structure:

– Classical Ballet Variation work

– Conditioning, stretching and strengthening

– Non syllabus work focusing on Classical Ballet techniques, performance quality and artistry

– TAC Dancers will be required to perform Classical Solo for competitions

– Pre-Professional Classical Ballet competitions

(Asian Grand Prix Singapore, Asian Grand Prix Hong Kong, Masterpiece International, New York Grand Prix & World Ballet Grand Prix)