The Performance and Competition TEAMdpa

Audition for Dancepointe Apprentice Team 2020

Join us on 13th Sept 2019

Audition at Dancepointe Academy! Look out for our Social Media in August 2019 to register for TEAMdpa 2020!

2018 was a great year with Exchange Programme to Milano City Ballet, Overall Championship at Italia Grand Prix 2018 and achieved 100 Awards at Asian Grand Prix, CSTD, Get The Beat Asia, Masterpiece International Dance Competitions! These achievements; we built a TEAM based on hard work and dedication, not only from our students but parents and caregivers as well.


This Appreciation Night is a way for us to say “thank you” for all your time and support. Without your belief, this program would not take flight.

Massive shout out to our directors, Mr Lance Tang and Ms Lena Foo, for their continuous support. Our Lead Apprentice Teachers, Mr Dan and Ms Liang Pei, who guide the team with their passion and driving force. Not forgetting our Apprentice teachers, who help guide the students and choreograph the beautiful dances.


TEAMdpa Full Scholarship for Multiple 1st Position:
1. Raphael Leo
2. Valerie Sun Yutong

Partial Scholarship for 1st Position:
1.Cheng Hong Chi
2. Janelle Choi
3. Adelle Choi
4. Lim Yu Han
5. Nicole Lim
6. Celeste Chan
7. Clarie Chua
8. Regina
9. Kate Chong
10. Nathasia Chin
11. Ariel Ng

Quarter Scholarship for 2nd and 3rd Position:
1. Foong Tze Yee
2. Kayleen Lee
3. Alyssa Tan
4. Lien Dauwels
5. Alexis Chew
6. Fong Rui Ming
7. Carrie Foong
8. Mandy Koh
9. Jewel Lim
10. Yong Sook Ting
11. Charlene Quek
12. Lee Hao En
13. Kate Yeo

$100 Costume Sponsorship for 4th position & Honorable Mention:
1. Koh Jean Ting
2. Olesya Koe
3. Magdalene Ong
4. Zhang Bowen Kellie
5. Goh Yun Xi
6. Debby Tay
7. Prinncy Chia
8. Lin Zi Han


The Apprentice Teams 2016



Dancepointe TEAMdpa Programme is established to provide an innovative environment where talented young dancers can further expand their technical dance training with performance-orientated training and experience, given by the most respected teachers and choreographers in our community.

Currently we have 3 main groups: The Ballet, the Contemporary and the HipHop. They enjoy heavily subsidized dance classes with various renowned instructors sharing with them different dance styles in each term.

The TEAMdpa will also be representing Dancepointe Academy for International dance competitions and be given the opportunities to perform for events and projects. For past years, the group had competed in Singapore, Barcelona, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Perth. They won titles such as 1st Positions for Lyrical Solo (Bangkok), Classical Solo (Singapore), Classical Pas Deux (Singapore), Troupe Novelty (Perth), 2nd position for Troupe < 9 years old (Singapore), 3rd Position for Betty Tilley Championship (Hong Kong), Troupe Freestyle (Singapore) and Honourable Mentions for Lyrical Solo (Perth) and Neo-Classical Solo (Singapore).

In 2015, Dancepointe Apprentice Teams Overall Champion at Grand Dance Prix Europe with their stunning items. They had also achieved over 30 awards at the 2016 18th CSTD Regional Singapore Dance Competitions.

We congratulate them for the dedications and achievements.

See our Achievements page for the updates!

2017 TEAMdpa Scholarships

Dancepointe Academy would like to recognise the following outstanding Soloists who were placed 1st Position in their 2016 CSTD Regional Dance Competition with the 2017 TEAMdpa Scholarship. This will entitle them to A Year of Free Apprentice/dTEAM Training Classes. We hope also to motivate all students to work towards this scholarship for the years to come.

  • Classical Solo 7&U               : 1st Position (Kayleen Lee)
  • Classical Solo 9&U               : 1st Position (Raphael Leo)
  • Classical Novice Solo 9&U   : 1st Position (Tyu Ke Shan)
  • Classical Solo Novice 13&U : 1st Position (Alyssa Tan)
  • Lyrical Solo 13&U                 : 1st Position (Skye O’Toole)
  • Contemporary Solo 17&U     : 1st Position (Phua Xuan Ru)