dTEAM™ – The Contemporary Performance and Competition Team

dTEAM™ 2016

dTEAM™ is the performance and competition team of dACADEMY™, under the artistic direction of Mr Dan Kwoh which provides an avenue for young dancers to train their technique, explore their artistry and compete on professional stages in Contemporary Dance. During this programme , they will compete, learn, and exchange at foreign grounds .

dTEAM and Dancepointe Apprentice Teams achieved Overall Champion at Europe Grand Prix Dance Competition 2015 ! They attained the 1st Position in Contemporary Dance and 1st Position in Ethnics Dance! In 2016, dTEAM members won several 1st and 2nd positions in Troupe and Solo items.

See our Achievements page for the updates!

Join us for dTEAM 2018 and dTEAM Junior (for age 9-12yo) is newly introduced for 2018!

Any interested parties for collaboration or for dTEAM 2018, please email to enquiries@dacademy.com.sg

Audition for dTEAM™ Contemporary Dancers for Year 2018

Join us on 5th Sept 2018 Audition at Dancepointe Academy @ Big Box for dTEAM 2019.

2018 was a fantastic year with an ImmersionProgramme to Milano City Ballet, with an Overall Championship for Italia Grand Prix 2018!

Click on www.dancepointe.com.sg/category/achievements to view our achievements!

For any queries on this programme, please email us at enquiries@dacademy.com.sg, we are happy to share with you on the programme.