18th CSTD Singapore Dance Competition 2016


Congratulations to TEAMdpa who had competed in the recent 18th CSTD Regional Dance Competition at ACJC Auditorium! Our dedicated dancers with the creative choreographies by our very own DPA Teachers had earned over 30 achievements, including our team of 140 dancers who were all placed in the 7 Group Items!

Now, enjoy the above videos and witness the hard work by our Competition and Performance TEAMdpa! Put together by our dance photography and video department – DPA Studios Production.

TEAMdpa Teachers: Mr Dan Kwoh, Ms Kok Huishi, Ms Wong Liang Pei, Ms Crystal Lum, Ms Rachel Toh.

Additional Choreographers: Ms Lena Foo, Ms Dianny, Ms Ivy Ng, Ms Mariska, Ms Veronica Boh, Ms Angela, Ms Ong Yanping.

Dancepointe Academy would like to recognise the following outstanding dancers who were placed 1st Position in their SOLO items with the 2017 TEAMdpa Scholarship. This will entitle them to A Year of Free Apprentice/dTEAM Training Classes. We hope also to motivate all students to work towards this scholarship for the years to come.


  • Classical Solo 7&U               : 1st Position (Kayleen Lee)
  • Classical Solo 9&U               : 1st Position (Raphael Leo)
  • Classical Novice Solo 9&U   : 1st Position (Tyu Ke Shan)
  • Classical Solo Novice 13&U : 1st Position (Alyssa Tan)
  • Lyrical Solo 13&U                 : 1st Position (Skye O’Toole)
  • Contemporary Solo 17&U    : 1st Position (Phua Xuan Ru)



SENIOR COMPETITION – 27th & 28th Aug 2016

1) Classical Solo Novice 13&U: 1st Position (Alyssa Tan)
2) Lyrical Solo 13&U: 1st Position (Skye O’Toole)
3) Contemporary Solo 17&U: 1st Position (Phua Xuan Ru)
4) Lyrical Solo Novice 13&U: 2nd Position (Alyssa Tan)
5) Duo/Trio 15&U: 2nd Position (Alyssa Tan, Nathasia Chin, Skye O’Toole)
6) Duo/Trio Open Age: 2nd Position (Kate Chong & Ge Mingya)
7) Groups Open (Contemporary, Lyrical, Neo Classical): 2nd Position (dTEAM)
8) Contemporary Solo Novice 13&U: Honourable Mention (Alyssa Tan)
9) Lyrical Solo Novice 15&U: Honourable Mention (Fong Tze Yee)
10) Mixed Duos: Honourable Mention (Cindy Chen & Michael Suhartono)
11) Ensemble Open: Honourable Mention (dTEAM)
12) Groups 15&U (Contemporary, Lyrical, Classical): Honourable Mention (Youth Apprentice)
13) Groups Open (Contemporary, Lyrical, Neo Classical): Honourable Mention (Senior Apprentice)

JUNIOR COMPETITION – 6th – 9th Sept 2016

1) Classical Solo 7&U: 1st Position (Kayleen Lee)
2) Classical Solo 9&U: 1st Position (Raphael Leo)
3) Classical Novice Solo 9&U: 1st Position (Tyu Ke Shan)
4) Demi-Char 9&U: 1st Position (Raphael Leo)
5) Duo/Trio 12&U: 2nd Position (Amanda Lee, Mandy Koh, Adelle Choi)
6) Jazz Solo 9&U: 3rd Position (Raphael Leo)
7) Classical Solo Novice 11&U: 3rd Position (Jodyn Chua)
8) Duo/Trio 12&U: 3rd Position (Chua Xin Xuan, Renee Low)
9) Groups 12&U (Classical, Lyrical, Neo): 3rd Position (Northeast Junior Apprentice)
10) Groups 12&U (Song&Dance, Tap, National): 3rd Position (West Junior Apprentice)
11) Lyrical Solo 7&U: Honourable Mention (Ariel Ng)
12) Jazz Novice Solo 9&U: Honourable Mention (Tan Wan Yee)
13) Duo/Trio 7&U: Honourable Mention (Olesya Koe, Khor En Rui, Selene Tan)
14) Duo/Trio 9&U (Tap, Song&Dance, Lyrical): Honourable Mention (Sheryl Ho, Cady Lim)
15) Duo/Trio 9&U (Tap, Song&Dance, Lyrical): Honourable Mention (Rapheal Leo, Inez Oh)
16) Groups 9&U (Song&Dance, Jazz, Tap and National): Honourable Mention (West First Apprentice)
17) Groups 9&U (Classical Neo & Lyrical): Honourable Mention (Northeast First Appprentice)